CLR Tackle it Tuesday

Written by Kalisha:

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I have really been eagerly awaiting this day. I only received my CLR about a week ago and I thought I was not going to get a chance to do the tackle because my CLR seemed late getting to me. Reneca received hers before last weekend and I still didn’t have mine. Even though it was only a bottle of cleaner I as disappointed that mine hadn’t come yet. Then it came! Right away I took it out of the package. Read the directions. Slipped on my cleaning gloves and got to work!

My first tackle was my bathroom. I don’t have any before pics to show, but I do have a work in progress. I sprayed the CLR on everything that I wanted shiny again. My poor faucets had become hard water stained. So, I sprayed CLR on it and let the cleaner work it’s magic while blogged cleaned more of the bathroom. When I returned I saw the glimmer of a like-new shiny faucet! And the cool part is that I didn’t have to even touch it yet. That’s one thing I love about CLRHands free cleaning!

Then I moved onto the kitchen.  And this is where my deep dark cleaning secret is about to come out. AAH! I am really embarrassed about this one. Well,  let’s just say that there are a few places that rarely get touched with a cleaning glove. One of those is the rim of the broiler in the bottom of my stove. Which up until a couple of months ago I  thought that drawer in the bottom of the stove was for extra storage! Can you believe it?! I just didn’t know. I was always used to the broiler in the top of the oven. Anyway, I digress. CLR went directly on top. I let it sit and then everything came off! Leaving a clean white surface. Amazing!



 Next place is the top of my refrigerator. First of all, I’m not even tall enough to see up there. I never reach on top of the fridge for anything. So, why clean it?

This is the reason…


Almost there!...

Almost there!...




This tackle actually made cleaning a little more fun. I kept thinking of things that I could, “CLR!” You know what I just thought (of course not! You can’t read my mind!) Well, this tackle reminded me a lot of chemistry and science in general. I enjoyed all the sciences in school all the way until I reached college when one day in my freshman biology class I suddenly realized that dissecting things was not my thing anymore. Besides being a biology major didn’t give me enough time to party clean my dorm room. Well, what I’m trying to say is that in my world at this moment CLR up there on my list of cool things. OK, I feel the nerd in me trying to creep out so I have to end this with a few CLR-it tips.

CLR-it Tip #1:  It does make cleaning more fun to wear cool funky gloves and apron!

CLR-it Tip #2: Turn on your favorite music and sing-a-long!

CLR-itTip #3: Please open your windows! CLR has a nice scent at first, but it can be overwhelming if you don’t have proper ventilation.

CLR-it Tip #4: Come clean on your deep dark cleaning secrets and try CLR!

Thanks to 5minformom for CLR Tackle it Tuesday. Hop on over there if you would like to see what other people CLR-ed today!



2 Responses

  1. Great tackle and a great review:-) Thanks for the tips:-)

  2. I can’t wait for your next post. I’ve been reading your blogs for a few months now.

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