Letter K

How to include Letter K in your day!

  • Fly a Kite
  • Go to the animal shelter or pet store and play with Kittens!
  • Read and act out the Three Little Kittens nursery rhyme
  • Make edible Kitten Food: Take 1 bag of chocolate chips, 1 cup of peanut butter, and 2 tablespoons of butter and melt it in a microwave. Pour a box of Chex cereal into the mix, stir until it is coated well, Finally add 1 bag of powered sugar, put in zip lock bag and shake till everything is coated well. Now you have edible kitten food! (I’m not sure if you need a whole bag of powdered sugar. I say add it in sparingly)
  • Enjoy coloring Letter K pictures
  • Let the kiddo’s help out in the Kitchen or set up their own “Kitchen” dramatic play”area. I say give them real plastic bowls and cups to wash! Less work for you!

Letter K is for Kitten page:

 To make our letter page today all you need to do is draw or cut out the letter K and glue it to a piece of construction paper. Print out these pictures of kittens or find pictures of things that begin with the letter K and glue them to your page.


See you next Wednesday for more alphabet activities!
Kalisha and Reneca


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