Menu Plan Mondays

Written by: Reneca



This my first time posting up a menu for Menu Monday’s.  I don’t know why it took me so long to do it, but I guess all that matters is that I’m doing it now.  Every week I clip coupons and make a menu plan for the entire week (breakfast, lunch and dinner including snacks).  This week I can spend more time making the meals during the day since Kaleah is on fall break!

*Also DJ’s 1st Birthday is on Saturday…. my little baby, he is getting so big.

This week this is what we’ll be enjoying.


Monday: Banana pancakes topped with peach preserves

Tuesday: Scrambled eggs with spinach, toast, orange slices

Wednesday:Mixed berry smoothie, mini bagel with sunflower seed butter (Kiara is allergic to peanut butter)

Thursday:Oatmeal with raisins, toast

Friday:egg nests (hollowed piece of toast with a fried egg cooked in the center) with fruit of choice

Saturday:Swedish pancakes (DJ’s favorite)

Sunday: French toast, bacon, strawberries


Monday: Sun flower seed butter and jelly sandwiches, and carrot sticks

Tuesday:Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Wednesday:Turkey and cheese wrap

Thursday: Tarryaki chicken salad with pineapple in celery sticks

Friday: Dem Bones

Saturday:Hummus, flat bread, and cucumbers

Sunday:Fried egg sandwiches, and fruit


Monday:   Meatball subs (with veggies hidden inside), with homemade bread

Tuesday: Apple, sausage and sweet potato casserole

Wednesday: Terryaki Chicken, Chinese Veggies and Udon Noodles

Thursday: Leftover Buffet

Friday: Haunted Taco Tarts

Saturday: Create Your own Pizza’s and Birthday cake for DJ (1st B-day!!!)

Sunday: Green Chile (Chicken), homemade tortillas, and re-fried beans

To check out what else is cooking this week check out Menu Plan Monday at I’m an Organizing Junkie


3 Responses

  1. Wow, well done for planning breakfasts and lunches too! What’s in green chili, I’ve never heard of it! Welcome and happy birthday to your little DJ!

  2. Sounds great, thanks for sharing! I keep meaning to try ‘egg nests’ but keep forgetting, maybe this will be the week I’ll remember! And happy birthday to your little guy!

  3. Wow Reneca! This sounds super yummy! I think I need you to come to my house to cook! LOL

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