Kalisha’s Menu Plan

I always complain that I can’t make a menu plan because Brett works from the house and we end up eating pieces of a meal before I can make the meal I planned! (say that five times fast!) Well, I decided to try my hand at making a menu plan for five days for under $50. Brett kind of freaked out because he is more of a spontaneous person and doesn’t like to “plan” to eat something on a certain day. So, I made a chart to put on the ‘fridge that would list all the meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that can be eaten in any order.


  • Homemade applesauce filled crepes with yogurt
  • Cinnamon toast with fruit and fruit dip
  • Pancakes with scrambled eggs
  • Egg, bacon and cheese biscuits with fruit
  • Waffles and fruit syrup


  • Tuna Sandwich with chips
  • Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, celery/carrot sticks with ranch dip
  • PB & J with yogurt and fruit
  • Cheesy Tuna Burgers
  • Leftovers from Dinner


  • Veggie Spaghetti
  • Minestrone Chicken Soup with crusty bread
  • Beef Chili and cornbread
  • Grilled Chicken with Green Bean Casserole
  • Halloween Party food! Yum!

There is my menu plan for this week. To see other menu plans check out Menu Plan Monday over at orgjunkie!




4 Responses

  1. Wow, great menu! And you planned all three meals? Whoa, I am super impressed. 🙂 I love menu planning, and while I post the meal with the day of the week – it rarely works out that way. But at least I have all the ingredients in the house so I can make whatever looks good that day.

    Have a super week, Kiy

  2. Wow – your breakfast menu sounds amazing! The crepe one especially!
    This sounds like one fantastic week of eating!

  3. I do a vague menu when I make my grocery list. That way I know I get everything I need at the store and don’t have to go back for a couple of things mid-week. Meal planning is just smart- it really saves you money.

  4. Awesome- that actually sounds better than my current diet.

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