Woo Hoo!…A really big box!

A few weeks ago the girls and I heard a knock at the door. We were greeted by the Fed-Ex man with a really big box for us! To let you know just how excited we were for the package I will borrow some silly sayings from some fellow bloggy associates (only associates because they probably don’t even know I exist until now per linky love) and a bloggy buddy, Parenting Pink. It should be a spankin’ good time!

So, where were we? Fed-Ex man drops off the really big box and…it’s our new Epson Workforce 600 Printer! Super Fab!

Soon after the girl’s went down for their nap, I got to work. It was really easy to set up and barely took me half an hour to have it fully functional. I absolutely love the way it looked! It’s shiny black, so sleek, and really purty. Not only does it have a professional design, but it does so many things. It has become an absolute essential for our home office. Well, Brett’s office anyway. He immediately declared that it belonged in his office. So, at first I was a little sulky but since my “office” is the dining room table it only made sense to put it in his real office. Well, this printer can bust-a-move in many ways; Wi-Fi wireless printing, print digital pictures from your computer or memory card, scan, copy, fax, hooks up to your answering machine and makes personalized photo cards. The Workforce is very super fab and I’m so glad we had the chance to complete our home office.

One of the first things that I did was to try and make a personalized photo card. All I had to do was insert my memory card into the printer. I searched for the right picture and followed the instructions prompted by the printer. I chose a picture of Journey looking for shells at the beach. Then the WorkForce printed out an instruction paper that I filled in with a sharpie to create my card.

I picked my text style, text effects, number of copies and I got to write a special note!

I picked my text style, text effects, number of copies and a special note to complete the card!

Then I followed further instructions to place the form onto the scanner and this is what printed out…

It made three beautiful copies to cut into postcards!

It made three beautiful copies to cut into postcards!

This is the perfect printer for me because I enjoy making homemade and personalized gifts.

Now when Journey and Faith awoke from their nap they enjoyed the best part of the whole deal. The box! To a two and one year old the box is sure to provide a spankin’ good time with hours and hours of pretending fun! Woo Hoo! They climbed in, stood on top of it and jumped, played rocket ship, pirate ship and pretended to sleep in it!

Peek-a-boo Journey!

Peek-a-boo Journey!

This box is still in the girl’s room; turned upside down and mostly used as a spring board to jump onto the bed or a make shift snack table. Perfect. Just like the printer this box is very strong and durable. I’ve never seen a box hold up so well between Journey and Faith.

I am very pleased! We recieved a shnazzy printer and a totally rad box! I guess I loved this box too because I posed for a picture with it. (This is an uber-excluzive picture of me with a box and I hope the paparazzi don’t get a hold of it!) Gotta preserve those memories! That just made me laugh!…HA! Some day when I’m old and gray we will be looking at pictures and come across us posing with the box. At least it’s a super-fab-box!


2 Responses

  1. Your girls look so adorable grinning in their new box! What a great delivery!

  2. Awww! I love the pictures! Your daughters are soooo pretty! And I’m a firm believer that empty boxes are THE ABSOLUTE BEST toys!

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