It’s Halloween!!!

Today is Wednesday. Alphabet Wednesday supposed to be Letter L Wednesday, but since it is Halloween we decided to interrupt our scheduled alphabet day and do some Homemade Halloween Crafts! Yea! This year with money being a little tight we found some decoration ideas that don’t cost anything.

Halloween Bats!

What you need:

  • Egg carton
  • black paint
  • googly eyes, sparkles, or different colored paint to just paint the eyes on
  • black yarn
  • glue and paint brushes

What to do:

1. Cut the egg carton into four pieces with each piece having three egg holder sections.

2. For each bat, cut out the wings by creating a scallop shape on the front of each of the two outside egg holder sections. Repeat on the back.

3. Paint the bats, inside and out, with black craft paint. Set aside to dry.

4. For each bat, make two small holes on the top of the middle section. A corn cob skewer is useful for this, but you could use the tip of your scissors. Insert thread, yarn or elastic thread into the holes and tie off.

5. Glue on the goggle eyes. If you don’t have any of these, you can draw a pair of eyes on a white piece of paper, cut out and glue in place.

6. Hang your bats as a Halloween decoration – it’s nice if you can hang them in front of a window to be seen from outside the house as well as inside your room.


Let’s Carve Pumpkins!!!

Here are some pumkin carving tips:
• Draw your design on the pumpkin with a water-based marker beforehand. Mistakes are erased easily with a damp sponge.

• Cut the top and any large areas with a sharp, straight-edged knife. A dull blade is not a safer alternative.

• Serrated metal saws, now widely available in carving kits, are a safer alternative to knives and allow younger children to get in on the action.

• Carve away from yourself; kids should carve only under adult supervision.

• Never hold the knife in a stabbing position.

• When carving, keep a portion of the knife blade in the pumpkin and use slow, steady saw strokes.

• Cut the lid at an angle so the outside diameter is larger than the inside.This prevents the top from falling into the pumpkin when it shrinks.

• Scoop out seeds and stringy flesh with a large spoon or ice cream scooper.

• Carve the facial features closest to the center first and work outward. Cut out the larger features in sections.

• Use an X-Acto knife for details and the tip of a potato peeler to make small circles and curves.

• Remove carved portions by gently pushing them into or out of the pumpkin.

• Reattach a section that is accidentally removed by using a toothpick to pin it back in place.

• Make design holes large enough to provide adequate ventilation for the candle.

• Flatten a spot in the base of the pumpkin for the candle but avoid digging too deep because the pumpkin becomes prone to rot.

• Make sure the flame is not too close to the top of the pumpkin.

• To prolong the life of the jack-o’-lantern, seal in moisture by coating all cut surfaces with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil, or cover it with a damp towel when not on display.

• Consider giving smaller children stickers, tempera paint, or markers to decorate their own pumpkins.

Source:Family Fun

*If you’ve been looking for some links for pumpkin stencils here is one for Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. A Dorastencil would also be fun. (Kiara and Journey will love this one!) But, if you’d like a more traditional pumpkin this is the page for you.

Have fun trying these fun Halloween activities.

Reneca and Kalisha


4 Responses

  1. Oh oh! Hali is going to love that Dora stencil idea! We just may have to do that tonight! Let’s hope the hubs artistic carving abilities are up to the challenge!

  2. Cool bats! I’ve never seen that one! And with all our chickens we have plenty of cartons!

  3. Ah crud! I just threw away an 18 ct. egg carton. My toddler would have LOVED to make these. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I’ll make the other dozen in my fridge tomorrow so we can get to craftin’!

  4. Those are the cutest little bats ever! Great post.

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