Thursday Thirteen #2: Let’s go to the pumpkin patch!

Written by: Reneca

It’s been one of those morning/nights again.  DJ wouldn’t go to sleep all night and the girls woke up at 6:00 am.  AHHHHHH!  Okay, woooosahh. 

Last Saturday the fam went up north to Erie to harvest some pumpkins.  We had lots of fun.  Here are 13 ways to have fun at the pumpkin patch.

 It’s a perfect opportunity to get family together.  (I didn’t realize we were taking a picture right by a big orange port-o-potty,  Great photo!) 


 You can see dangerous animals that may eat your fingers!  (LOL)

 You can feed dangerous animals….Goats.

 If you’ve ever wanted to wonder aimlessly through a bunch of corn , you can go to a corn maze.

When you think you’ll never get out of all the corn, you can take a break to take in the vast scenery.

This is the amazing scenery!

 It a great place for sisters to bond!

 It’s always fun to go on a hay ride!

 More dangerous animals to feed.  Buffalo.  (Duan, you know a Buff could beat your mountain sheep down!  GO CU!)

If you love ponys you can ride one.  (Okay, I know this is inhumane. We talked with the owners and they reassured us that they only work 2 days a week and are rotated out very frequently!)

You and Grandma can go pick a pumpkin!

Best part of going to the pumpkin patch… Jack-O-Lanterns. This Dora one turned out really good.  Kiara loves it.

Kaleah did a lot of this one by herself.


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8 Responses

  1. We missed going through the corn field maze this year. Just didn’t fit it into our schedule. You’re making me wish I’d made more of an effort.

  2. the punkin patch is such a pain………but the look on the kids faces and the good time they have makes it all worth it! happy tt! your kids are absolutely adorable!

  3. Looks like you all had a fun day!!

  4. I love the pumpkin patch, it’s such a fun annual tradition for the kids. I love your pumpkins! So creative!

  5. Hi, cool list! I always use to love going to the pumpkin patch! This year, I just bought my pumpkin at the store, but I would have gotten a bigger and better one if I had gone and picked it. I did a TT list to, it’s at:

  6. Great pictures! I am allergic to hay, so no hay rides for me.
    Happy tt!

  7. love the pumpkin!

    Here’s my TT # 52. Thanks!

  8. Very cute pictures! I love the sisters hugging!

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