VOTE!, Party and sleep…


I’m really anxious and excited to vote. I will be bringing Journey and Faith in their ‘jammies to my very first time at the polls! I know. I know. Do the mental math and you’re right. I missed two elections that I was eligible to vote in. In the 2000 and 2004 election I didn’t vote and  I really regret not voting, but it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf, right? If you are still having some indecision then go and check out this website that Brett found for me,

Also, some Election Day Treats!


I’m glad that 5min4mom hosts Tacke it Tuesday because it motivates me to set a goal, accomplish something, take pictures and then I can actually show-off see what I’ve accomplished. My tackle this past week was a Halloween Party at the park.

I invited people I saw on a regular basis at our second home, the park. My friends, mommies from mommy group and my babysitting co-op. The guest list grew and I kept inviting people because I didn’t think that anyone would come. They did and we had a blast! All the kids had a lot of fun running around in their costumes, eating treats and taking a whack at the pumpkin pinata. I was feeling the pressure all day, partly because I had decided to cut out and glue 40 treat houses together. It took me all morning to build those houses and then I filled them with homemade play dough; purple, orange and supposed to be yellow (FYI; yellow Kool-Aid does not color play dough yellow, but it smells yummy!) Here is the recipe that I used.

  • Kool-Aid Play Dough

    2 cups flour
    1 cup salt
    1 package of Kool-Aid
    1 cup hot water
    Combine ingredients and mix.

The irony in all of the house making and stressing is that only about half of the children came that I expected. I delegated all the treat and snack bringing to my guests. I am so grateful that everyone who was able to come, contributed to such a fun time. I only had a chance to take a few pictures because I was so busy stuffing my face with cookies talking and trying to keep my eye on both Journey and Faith. Journey stayed close to the treat table–when she wasn’t playing with her friends and Faith decided to try to escape the party a couple of times, but I tracked her down before she got too far.

Below is a picture of Jen’s delicious ghost sandwiches! Aren’t they cute?! We also had homemade chocolate cupcakes with cute pumpkin faces, homemade carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, cookies, sinfully sweet candy, popcorn and other good food.

My Little Princess and Scarecrow (to protect the garden!)

Now I know that Halloween is one of Journey’s favorite holidays. She said to me a couple of days before Halloween that we needed to “decorate all over!” Next year I know that we need to go all out!


tip-jar-buttonI really don’t mind losing an hour of daylight because I like to wake up early anyway. I would rather have the sun shining in the morning to give my day a cheery start! Now my kids on the other hand have been having a hard time and their hard time is starting to rub me the wrong way. I just need to Woo-saaah and get through the next few days until they adjust to the time change. I found some good tips and wanted to share how to adjust to falling back; It is far easier to Fall Back than it is to Spring Ahead, so in November, teenagers will enjoy the sense of sleeping in an hour later until their bodies re-adjust to match the clock. For everyone else, falling back is annoying. It is important to maintain the consistency of established bedtimes, so kids may end up feeling like they are in bed at 7:30, even though the clock says it is 8:30.

If children understand the concept of time, it is easier to help them understand why the clocks have changed. Babies and toddlers will find it harder to make the change, and may be fussy and tired for the first few days after the clocks have changed.

The fall time change offers good opportunities to start habits of reading for longer periods of time before bedtime, because children will be awake, even though they are in bed. For children and teenagers who skip breakfast, the fall might be a good time to start eating breakfast instead of skipping breakfast.

This is my tip for Tuesday Tip Jar hosted by BlogMamas…go on over and see what tips are being given by other bloggers!



7 Responses

  1. Oh Cool, I hope you take pictures of your girls at the voting booth! I’m going to try to take some of my girls and post them on my blog. I hope I don’t get all distracted trying to keep them in line and forget to take a picture! They’re really excited! I’m excited for them. Good luck with the lines! Standing for three hours as a single adult is different from standing for three hours with kids! : )

  2. Great tackle! Those sandwiches were neat and the girls look cute in their costumes

  3. I voted too! Great tackle. Thanks for reminding everyone!

  4. Great tackle!!

  5. I am so proud of you for getting out there to vote..and bringing your kids! I know it’s tough to vote with kids in tow, but this is such an important election and it’s so worth it to vote!

    Love the Kool-Aid play-doh! Very creative!

  6. What a great Halloween for your kids!

  7. Falling back has me thinking “when will this day ever end” LOL!!!

    I am so happy you voted and that you took the kids! What a way to teach them!! You go girl!

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