Wordless Wednesday


Kaleah (2 years) with Auntie Kalisha

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M is for Monster and N is for Noonies!

We are moving steadily through the alphabet.  Today, lets work on the letter M.  Have your child practice writing/tracing M m. Like always emphasize it’s sound more so than the letter itself.  Here are a few activities you and your child will enjoy doing with the letter M.


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Letter M snacks:

  • Muffins
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Milk
  • Milk Shakes
  • Marshmallows
  • Mangoes

*Play these Letter M games

*Sing Letter M songs!

Kids will love to play this Mix and Match Fall game. It provides an opportunity to teach about fall.

Have fun creating this Monkey Paper Plate Mask.



Around our house N is for noonies! Noonies is Faith’s way of saying noodles (one of her favorite foods).  No matter what she will always eat noonies; noonies and cheese, noonies with peas, or just plain noonies. Isn’t it kind of fun to say noonies?! I don’t even say noodles anymore I just call them–noonies! Well, we also play a game that the pirates are coming and the only way to keep them away is to feed them…you guessed it! Noonies! Pretty silly, but now on to some other things you can do with the Letter N.

  • You know N is also for noise–go some place not near anyone else and make a lot of NOISE! It’s really fun to be able to let loose and yell and shout (just not in the designated quiet spots; the bank and the post office) Why is it always so quiet in the bank and the post office?
  • Eat some N snacks; Noonies, Nachos (Mmm!), Nuts (if you’re not allergic)…
  • Check out this autumn themed acorn craft! and acorn numbers worksheet.

With Thanksgiving coming up this would be a good chance to discuss different cultures along with the meaning and origin of Thanksgiving with your child. I found some print outs of a Native American girl and boy along with some others.

I know my girls also love to pretend to care for their sick babies and stuffed animals. Letter N day could also focus on the job and importance of Nurses.

For both the Letter M and N alphabet page; Cut out block letters of each and glue to a piece of construction paper.  Find and cut out pictures from magazines or draw pictures around each letter. Allow your child to color each page and talk about the pictures you decide to add with each letter.

As you can see (below) I usually cut out pictures with construction paper or draw them…

Journey and Faith's alphabet pages; A-E

Journey and Faith's alphabet pages; A-E

 I let Faith have a free for all with the Letter G giraffe…



 Journey had me embellish her Lion with Princess attire–even a crown!…

K and L...

K and L...

See you next Wednesday for Letters O and P!

Reneca and Kalisha