Kiara’s flour face!

Written by: Reneca

We are a FINALIST in the Prego Fun with Food Contest!

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Thanks! Hope she wins! Mama needs some groceries! Mmmm….


This is Kiara (2 1/2) helping mommy make tortillas.  I’m entering this photo into the Prego Fun with Food Photo Contest hosted by 5min4mom.

Kiara loves to help mommy cook everything, especially when we get to mix with our hands.  This is her kneading the dough for tortillas. She looks like Spun Mackenzie with a ring of flour around her eye.  By the time we were finished with the tortillas flour was every where, counter, floors, her clothes, and me!  Having her help in the kitchen has done several things. 

  1. It keeps her entertained.
  2. She has learned about measuring and knows the ingredients to several recipes.
  3. Since she has invested time in cooking, She is very eager to taste her creations!

Moments like this are priceless.



Faith…Fun with Fishies!

Written by: Kalisha


This is Faith (10 mo) having fun with fishies! I’m entering this picture into the Prego Fun with Food Photo Contest hosted by 5min4mom. They are giving away $500 in groceries! Reneca and I were playing the “what would I buy if I won this contest” game; dreaming up how great it would be to have a fully stocked pantry! I think Faith’s mouth full of fish just scream; Pick me! Pick me!

Faith had just learned to cruise holding onto the furniture and she had followed Journey into the living room (lured by the smell of goldfish crackers!) When I came back into the room she had a face full of stolen fishies! Actually this was her first taste of fishies and they are still her favorite snack. Seeing this picture again made my heart melt because she was such a chubby cute and happy little baby. Faith still is a joy and a very big ham. She always finds a way to be silly and make us laugh. Faith was definitely being a ham when I took this picture–with a mouth full of fishies!

~I love you Faith, Mommy!