Kiara’s flour face!

Written by: Reneca

We are a FINALIST in the Prego Fun with Food Contest!

GO and VOTE for Reneca and lil’ flour face Kiara at 5min4mom!!!

Thanks! Hope she wins! Mama needs some groceries! Mmmm….


This is Kiara (2 1/2) helping mommy make tortillas.  I’m entering this photo into the Prego Fun with Food Photo Contest hosted by 5min4mom.

Kiara loves to help mommy cook everything, especially when we get to mix with our hands.  This is her kneading the dough for tortillas. She looks like Spun Mackenzie with a ring of flour around her eye.  By the time we were finished with the tortillas flour was every where, counter, floors, her clothes, and me!  Having her help in the kitchen has done several things. 

  1. It keeps her entertained.
  2. She has learned about measuring and knows the ingredients to several recipes.
  3. Since she has invested time in cooking, She is very eager to taste her creations!

Moments like this are priceless.



17 Responses

  1. ok that’s just cute! thanks for your entry.

  2. So very sweet. I agree, such moments are priceless, they are the ones you’ll think about in your later years when she is all grown up..

  3. Love that picture!

  4. you are definitely daring, i go freak zoid if my son wants to help me in the kitchen:)
    Have a great weekend, gave you shout out on our blog:)
    MuchaCostaRica Round-Up

  5. OMG! She is soooooo adorable! Love the flour on her little face! Priceless!

  6. HA! Back before we had a t.v. I used to let Mayla play with a bowl of flour “just for fun” while I cooked. I don’t know know what I was thinking! Getting flour out of the carpet requires more work than I typically want to engage in after cooking! Your daughter looks like she’s having fun patting that dough down. Also, I’m impressed that you make your own tortillas!!!!

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  8. You are a finalist in our photo contest. Congrats!

  9. great, all done!
    Let me know how it works out.

  10. So cute!

  11. Cute picture! I just voted for you over at 5M4M. There was just something about this picture that pulled me in. Love it! It’s nice to see that you let her get down and dirty in the kitchen. Those are the times they will remember.

    Best wishes with the contest.

  12. Saw you on SITS. Kiara is BEAUTIFUL! I hope you win.

  13. Stopping by to give some SITS love….and I am off to vote for you….I love it….

  14. That’s my litte boo, boo. she was haven so much fun. I love and miss seeing her make a such a mess! hope she wins lol granma

  15. Now she is just the cutest and she looks like my fam!! Wink!!!

  16. Cassie – she is a cutie pie!!!!!!!

  17. Precious picture and these memories will last a lifetime.

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