How to Lounge: Tip # 23

At least once a week we should set time aside to do something special for ourselves. Whether it be to crochet or knit , journal , or to give ourself a manicure, this time can alleviate stress, and get you grounded again.  Instead of pampering our bodies lets pamper our inner spirit today. 

gc_affirmEvery thing you say to yourself, positive or negative is an affirmation. These thoughts are essentially a reflection of truths you feel about yourself. The great thing about it is that we have the ability to change these truths.  By creating positive affirmations, which are just short positive statements, you will test negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

How to create your own affirmations

Creating your own affirmations is easy. Think about the areas in your life that you have issues with.  Maybe its how you parent your children, for example.  Here are a few simple affirmations 

“I am a great parent”

“I parent with confidence”

Other affirmation topics are:


  Health and Healing
  Self Esteem
  Peace & Harmony
  Joy & Happiness


If you are having trouble thinking of positive affirmations for yourself here are a few websites that have examples of ones you can use. 
Vital Affirmations
The Salem New Age Center *
There are countless others, just Google affirmation.

How do you use the affirmations?

There are multiple ways you can use your affirmations. 

  •  Write them on index card and post them all over the house, in your car, in your wallet, diaper bag,  
  •  Chant or sing them throughout the day. ( I know this sounds weird, but if it works for you go for it!)
  • Record them and listen to them periodically during the day.

We hope these pointers help you in your day to day life. Live an abundant life!

Reneca and Kalisha