Wordless Wednesday

Daddy and Journey swingin' high!

Daddy and Journey swingin' high!


Sick Bed and Sock Monsters!

As you can see from the picture below, Journey and Faith have been sick! I’ve been a nose wiping machine this weekend. They never get sick so I feel really guilty for them being sick. I think it all started in the park on Friday afternoon. We were having a great time playing with friends when it was snack time. My mom-stinct told me to not let Journey, Faith, Ruby, and other friends share the same spoon and eat applesauce from a friend of ours. I let it happen. Now I’m being punished with runny stuffy noses.

I know. I should’ve trusted the mom-stinct; that little twinge in your gut that makes you second guess your decision. When you feel the twinge you should trust your mom-stinct. I’ve done it before. Like the time I decided to place my coffee a little too close to the edge of the table.

My mom-stinct said to me; maybe you should push the cup back a bit. I said to me,No–it’s ok. I’ll be right back. The next thing I hear is Journey saying, I’m sorry. I spilled that! Should’ve listened to the mom-stinct.

Or, there was the time that I gave the girls a cup each of cheerios hoping to get a few minutes to finish the dishes. Mom-stinct said to me, you better make sure they sit down and eat those. I said to me, It’s ok…it’s only cheerios. Right. Only cheerios until they start running around like mad-women, spilling cheerios and then stepping on them! Mom-stinct is always right. Trust it.

Here are a few pictures of Journey and Faith laying in sick bed (which they only laid in for maybe 30 minutes!)

Journey and Faith laying in "sick bed"

Journey and Faith laying in "sick bed"

 Journey giving me her best “I’m so sick” face! Looks pretty pathetic!! lol But even though I made them a sick bed and Journey gave me her “I’m so sick” face–they both were still running around like they weren’t even sick. We really have to work on this. My belief is when you are sick. Lay down. Watch a good movie and let someone take care of you. I guess two and one-year-olds have different ideas about being sick!

I'm sick!

I'm sick!

Besides being sick Journey came up with the perfect solution to the Sock Monster that Parenting Pink has recently been dealing with. Since the girls are “sick” I told them that they needed to dress warm and wear their socks. We have a whole basket full of socks that they only wear between the months of December and February because it is usually still warm to go without. Well, I tried to make it really exciting…

Come on! (pulling out the sock basket) You can pick any color socks you want!

(Journey) Let me see!

They rummaged through the socks and Faith chose a pair of pink and red Christmas socks with snowflakes. And Journey found one pink and black mary-jane sock and immediately put it on. She was looking for the other one when I had to break the bad news to her.

There is only one of those socks. I don’t know where it is. I think the sock monster ate it! The sock monster lives in the dryer and he eats socks!

(Journey) Sock monster ate my sock!?

Oh No!! We have to fight him! After we’re done we’ll come back home! (of course with our other missing mary-jane sock!)

Too bad we can’t really go fight the sock monster to get our socks back–but it is a really good idea! Since she couldn’t have her other match she chose a bright red sock. I mentioned that they didn’t match. Journey said to me, They match. They colors!  Yep. They are colors alright.

 I love the way that Journey just does her own thing. Wears whatever she loves for the moment–no matter if it matches or not. I love her childhood innocence and freedom. I wish I could have that same inihibition…