Mi Vida Loca! TT #4

Written by: Reneca

We had a rough day today (which is why I’m posting this so late).  It was truly one of those days when you want to cry, pull your hair out, and roll over laughing.  Such an emotional roller coaster has phening for my soft comfy bed! Any who, this is a short list of what we did today.

  1.  The day started at 4 am exactly.  I get a phone call from my brother.  I can’t help but think, he must need us to come pick him up after partying to hard.  To my surprise, he isn’t on the other end. It is another man.

“Is this Reneca?”
“Can you please tell me the relation you have with Damion?”
“He’s my brother.”
“Well, he has been in an automobile accident…”

Of course my heart drops. I’m stunned.  So I pop up, wake Duan up and jump in the car.  Mind you, DJ wakes up and is crying, its about 20 degrees out side and drizzling (I have to first scrape the windows) and I forgot to put my bra on.

When I get to the hospital I find out he is okay, concusion, and a strained neck. Sigh of relief!  Things could have been much worse. 

     2. We get home in just enough time for me to do Kaleah’s hair (thank God, that would have been a disaster, but funny, if Duan had to do it).  So I scramble to make sure she has everything for her day, and Duan takes her to school.

     3.  I get to go to sleep.  But only for about an hour.  I had such a busy day planned I couldn’t sleep long. 

     4.  After my short nap, I got DJ and Kiara dressed, and made grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches to go. (I managed to wash up somewhere in there)

     5.  Off to pick up Kaleah.  Thankfully another mom watches the kids in the car so it wouldn’t take me 5 minutes just to pull them out. 

     6.  Gave the kids their lunch, so they could eat as we went to the Girl Scout store to pick up a few more things for Kaleah’s Daisy meeting at 3:30.

     7.  Tried to find the humor, patience and innocence in the kids taking out every single stuffed animal the Girl Scout store had while I searched for her Daisy pin. (Its a good thing that the Girl Scouts is ran with such great values, other wise they would of kicked us out.)

    8.  Finally we touched back down at the house. I put Kiara down for her nap and tried to do the same for DJ, but he popped right back up as soon as his head hit the bed. So instead of compounding my already aching head with his whaling, I let him play.

   9.  It’s 2:40 pm and I’m running around like crazy woman in a white padded room; rushing to get every thing packed for the meeting.

  10.  Found out DJ put a domino in the printer, so the parent letter wouldn’t print.

  11.  Kaleah and I get to the school at 3:30 pm ( the time the meeting is supposed to start). Oh did I mention, I’m her leader?!  What a perfect first meeting with the leader late.

  12.  Have you ever been in a room with 5 kindergardeners, right after school, who are hungery, tired, and restless from sitting around at school.  Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it.  We actually did have a really great meeting.  Made our snack box, and talked about healthy snacks. 

  13.  After homework, dinner, and bed time stories, I am here writting this post.  As I’ve read over it, I have come to a few conclusions:

  • Life is precious, so no matter if you are having a bad day, at least you are alive to have it!
  • Kids are innocent.  They can have fun any where.
  • I love my husband.  He continuoulsy called to check in with me through out the day just to give words of encouragement.
  • At the end of the day, all you can do is stay in the moment and enjoy life. Good or bad  it is what you make of it.

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