Reneca’s menu (HELP! I need recipes for LO Turkey!)

Written by Reneca

This week is going to be a short week for our menu.  We are going to be eating Duan’s parents Wednesday throughFriday.  SO… this is what I know will be on the menu. I need your help…. I’m need some recipes of different ways to use LO turkey!  Please leave leave a comment!!  Thanks!




Monday: Cream of Wheat, grapes, and toast
Tuesday: Banana pancakes
Wednesday: Peach baby cakes
Thursday: We are bringing a spinach Quish for brunch.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING
Friday: egg and bacon sandwiches
Saturday: French toast
Sunday: bagles, yogurt and strawberries


Monday: fish shaped tuna sandwiches with raw spinach
Tuesday:Grilled flatbread and cheese strips and green beans and apple slices
Wednesday: Fried rice with chinese veggies and smoothie
Thursday:??? I dunno yet.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Friday: ???? 
Saturday: Left overs
Sunday: Turkey sandwiches LO veggies


Monday:Morrocan Chicken and veggies
Tuesday: Speghetti, and breadsticks
Friday: Maybe fondue night (with whole family)???
Saturday: What other way can you use LO turkey?
Sunday: Turkey noodle soup, rolls

Go check out what’s on everyone else’s meal plans at orgjunkie Menu Plan Monday!


3 Responses

  1. I made banana pancakes today. They were yummy!

    I was going to suggest turkey sandwiches as a great way to use up leftover turkey, but I see that you already have it on the menu. Leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving!

  2. I like your breakfasts. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Mmmmm…moroccan chicken & veggies. Sounds a lot better than the frozen Chicken Cordonbleu I pulled out of the freezer last night! LOL

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