Toys, Smoys…and a new vacuum?!

I consider myself lucky that these past two Christmases have been pretty much a surprise to Journey and Faith didn’t have a clue. This year is another story. I must admit that I let my girls watch Dora, Diego, and sometimes Spongebob on Nick Jr. That is the time I get to either blog, cook, crochet or sneak into the bathroom to eat chocolate! While they love to watch their shows–I hate the commercials in between. All I hear during commercial breaks is, “I want that!” “I want that!” “I want that!” “Mommy! I want that!” Really. Journey repeats it like a million times. At first I was trying to be a good sport. I would say, “Ok, Let Mommy write that down so I can tell Santa.” Then my response changed to, “You don’t have to tell Mommy. I already know.” Or, “Don’t worry. Santa knows everything you want.”

I thought we had mediated this problem when one day something came in the mail that took us three steps back. The Walmart Toy Catalog! Can you believe it?! To occupy Journey one day during a naptime that she refused to lay down for. I gave her the toy catalog and a marker. I explained that whatever she liked she could mark with her marker.  Not to my surprise she marked practically everything in the whole catalog! I never said that I would get the things she marked–I just wanted to keep her busy for a while. The catalog stayed around for a couple of weeks more until the fighting over the toy catalog weared to much on my nerves and I had to throw it away.

I remember when I was a child my Mom would give me the catalog to look through and mark, but she would actually get me some of the things that I marked off. I felt kind of guilty letting Journey go through and see all the toys that I most likely will not buy. To be honest with you I haven’t even stepped foot in a Target, Walmart or K-Mart in over a year! I really don’t feel too bad though because I just discovered that my kids love something more than shiny new toys! (Who am I kidding right?!) In the absence of shiny new toys my daughters love something much more!



That’s right! Who needs toys when there is an abundance of dirt out there. Monkey Bread Tree’s girls also love dirt! They actually got to play in a whole truckload full of dirt…lucky girls!

I had this amazing realization this weekend after coming home from the park. We have a back entrance that borders the side of our house. There is strip of dirt that I’ve tried to garden, but nothing will grow there because there are so many rocks. For some reason Faith and Journey decided that they wanted to play in this dirt. Both told me they were busy making castles and playing in dirt. So, I left them there and went inside to actually sit on the couch and crochet. Don’t worry I could hear and see them through the window in my living room. I want to say that they played together in the dirt for at least 20 minutes! I was in shock!


I always joke around that where ever there is dirt, my girls will find it and roll around in it. Now I know that they don’t need toys for Christmas. They just love dirt; measuring it, piling it up, laying in it, and I must admit sometimes tasting it.

Growing up my cousins and I sang this little rhyme about dirt…

“God made dirt. And dirt don’t hurt. So, put it in your mouth. And let it work!” HA!


 It is always good to know that Mother Nature always provides the best and most importantly, free entertainment!

—-I have one more special announcement!

In order to clean up all this dirt we will be hauling in for Christmas I need a new vacuum! The Secret is in the Sauce is having a giveaway and one lucky SITsa will win a Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum! Yipee!

5770-sEveryone please cross your fingers and toes for me! Brett would love it if I won a vacuum–he is always asking if our vacuum works because I hardly use it!


4 Responses

  1. You said it. The toys in the stores are CRAP and I’m tired of picking them up. I let my girls keep a running wish list on the computer of things they see that they want, then when it gets close enough for me to actually do something about it, I make them prioritize it and decide what three things they are most passionate about. I make sure they know that their list is just a WISH list and not a GONNA GET IT ALL list. That always sobers them up a little. 🙂

  2. WOW! You haven’t gone in a Walmart or Target or Kmart in over a year???????? I’m in awe! I try so hard not to support Walmart especially, but when I see toothpaste for a dollar it’s hard not to! Good for you!

    LOVE the dirt rhyme! OF COURSE I’ll have to teach it to my dirt-loving girls! Seeing your girls in the dirt reminds me of once when we were babysitting my pristine nephew for a few hours. It was going to rain all day so I’d brought in a couple trays of actual dirt for them to play in from the yard the day before, complete with little dinosaurs, tiny cups, etc. I thought it was an obvious way to pass time with two preschoolers. His mother was completely aghast! Ha!

  3. What a great post! I’ll have to teach that rhyme to my dirt-loving little boy.

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