Thirteen Reasons We Love Jumpstart: My First Adventure

Kaleah (5) and Kiara (2 1/2) just got this really great game.  Now, I’m not much for video games or online games for that matter. However this game is great and here is why.

JumpStart Kisha Banner

  1. Your child is the main character of the game.  Kaleah loves to change her characters clothes and hair style over and over again.  There are many different looks for both girls and boys.
  2. It’s not just a game.  The girls enjoy going through this fictional world but are learning with out even realizing it. (That’s the best part)
  3. My First Adventure is a great way to help teach your child phonics, shapes, matching and words.
  4. The game is interactive.  Each month there are new games that are aligned with your childs progress.
  5. Every month you get a emailed progress report.  How many games do your children play that  you can recieve a personal email, with your child’s progress?
  6. You have an option to become a member with lots of added perks.
  7. Does your child like to design things? Kaleah loves to.  In this game she is able to design her own house, and she does again and again.
  8. I hate to say this, but it is a great way to get some time during the day.  Kaleah and Kiara will play this game for hours on end if I let them.  (I don’t feel quite as bad since they are learning at the same time)
  9. Its a great way for your child to learn/practice computer skills.  Kaleah is a wiz at the computer on the other hand, Kiara is still learning.  I’ve been letting her control the mouse herself. It’s great to see her face when she makes the curser go where she intended it to go!
  10. Unlike other online games, there is not the distraction of commercialism.  There are no advertisementsfor toys or products on the Jump Start website.
  11. The activities are geared specifically for K-3 grade!  Its nice to know that the content is age appropriate.
  12. Kiara loves flowers and on this game she is able to plant a garden full of multi-colored flowers.  How cool is that?!
  13. Okay, I know the game isn’t for me, but I enjoy playing the game as much as they do.  The games are fun, thought provoking, and entertaining.  LOL 🙂  !
  14. This game has been a great addition to our home.  I hope that every child has an opportunity to play Jump Start: My First Adventure.   

    Much Love,


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