What the Heck?!


  1. This is what Sterling does while I slave away ironing clothes for half the day! What the heck?!dsc08033
  2.  Here is only half of the laundry that I’ve been ironing…at least I made a dent…and Yes, that is a man-eating shark beach towel that I’m using to iron on because my acrobatic daughter Journey thought that my ironing board was a perfect spring board for her tricks–which left it broken in half (*tear)…What the heck?! dsc08037
  3. For months now I’ve been patiently waiting for the oranges on our mandarin orange tree to ripen so that I could let the girls go out and pick one to eat. Well, the gardeners came yesterday and I noticed a few close-to-ripe-oranges were missing and some had been spoiled by being knocked to the ground! What the heck?!dsc08024dsc08027
  4. Is that a monkey wearing a Santa hat?…but the real question is–Is that a monkey sitting on a bookshelf in the living room?! What the heck?!dsc08028
  5. So, on my way to the laundry room yesterday I realized that I didn’t know where either of my keys were. I have two keys because I always lose one or in this case both! I eventually found on sitting on the mantel and when I finished changing my load–I saw on the table in the laundry room…my other key. I began without any keys and now I have two again. What the heck?! dsc080231
  6. My last, “What the heck?!”, was inspired by Journey. The girls were playing shaving cream in the bath and we decided to make their bath baby look like Santa. Well, once he had a shaving cream beard this is the convo that followed…Boy Bath Baby: “Hi! My name is Santa. This is my Princess. (introducing the Blonde Bath Baby) What the heck?! I didn’t know Santa had a Princess? and does Mrs. Claus know about this?!dsc08038

3 Responses

  1. Girl, you IRON?!!!! WHAT THE HECK?

  2. Sterling looks like my kind of pooch! Arf. Arf. Visit me at: http://www.SandySays1.wordpress.com

  3. That last photo had me laughing…

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