MomSpit…”Inspired by the Original”

Our WINNER is Cheryl F!!! Congratulations!

Reneca’s Thoughts on MomSpit…

We’ve all been there at one point or another. Your running late to take your child to school. When you finally get there, you notice the not-so-subtle milk mustache on their lip.  You go with your gut and do the only thing can do…Stick your finger in your mouth, just to get it wet enough to smear away the milk residue.  Your child looks at you in absolute horror.  “Mom, gross, I don’t want your spit on me!” Those are the words of Kaleah last week.   She starts to cringe when she sees me stick my finger in my mouth.

MomSpit has been Kaleah’s saving grace.  We now keep one in the car just in case we have the morning mustache.  Being a typical 5 year old, she loves the  fig and green tea scent so much she has begun to call it her “spit perfume“, and has to clean her hands before we get out of the car. 

There has been so much buz about not using sanitizers that contain anti-bactorial ingredients or alcohol.  So the great thing is, that MomSpit doesn’t contain either.  I do have to admit, that it is a lot easier to squirt a small amount of MomSpit on the hand rather than try to get enough spit in my own mouth. (Gross, but don’t act like you haven’t done it).

You can use MomSpit in so many situations, and it is great for the whole family. I especially like to use it after we leave the grocery store.  I didn’t like to use the sanitary cleansers on DJ because they are too harsh for infants.  MomSpit is mild and moisturizing.   From this day forward I will not use my own spit to clean faces, instead I’ll use the next best thing MomSpit!

Kalisha’s Thoughts on MomSpit…

From the first time I saw this product I knew I would love it just from the name–inspired by the original! As a child I would dread the moment I saw my Mom reach her thumb to her mouth for a “thumb-lick” to wipe crusties off  mine and my brother’s face. I always vowed that when I became a Mom I would never do that to my children…Well, now I am a Mom and I have been in situations where the “thumb-lick” is the only way.

I always joke around that my girls are like magnets to dirt–literally. Playing all morning long at the park leaves their hands, feet and face pretty grubby with mostly sand, dirt, and squished bugs. I would use toomany baby wipes to count trying to keep them clean.  Since receiving my MomSpit, the “thumb-lick” and the baby wipes have become a thing of the past.

 I keep one at my dining room table, one in my diaper bag and another in the girl’s room. It really is amazing how such a small amount can clean any grubbiness into squeaky clean perfection! You know how kids eat; with their hands all in the food then all in their mouths! Either they make you really hungry or not at all! MomSpit cleans all types of dining messes:

  • Sticky Syrup
  • Sloppy Spaghetti Sauce
  • Chocolate Milk Mustaches
  • Dried Yogurt and Cream Cheese

Now after every meal I give Journey a squirt of MomSpit (she really likes the Fig and Green Tea scent) and she knows how to rub her hands together to get the stickies off as well as her face. My 20 mo old, Faith, is even getting in on the MomSpit. She asked me last night at dinner, “Clean hands too!”  I gave her a squirt but she was so in awe of the small little mountain of foam on her hand–I had to break her from her trance to tell her to scrub her hands together!

I’m so happy that my girl’s will be a little less grubby because MomSpit has come into our lives. I really love that it doesn’t contain alcohol and doesn’t dry out my hands. After trying out MomSpit I take the vow never to use the “thumb-lick” again and I hope you will too!


“Designed for efficiency, you only need a quarter-sized drop to tackle most dirt removal from hands or face. Rub MomSpit in a circular motion until fully absorbed. It’s moisturizing, so it may feel like you’ve put on a very light lotion at first, but it will absorb nicely into your skin, leaving it smooth and clean.”



MomSpit is graciously giving one of our readers a chance to win some MomSpit of their very own!

Entry #1 : Visit the MomSpit website and come back and tell us what scent of the MomSpit you like the best and why you would vow to give up the “thumb-lick”–forever! (Remember to leave a valid email address with your comment!)

Extra Entries – #1 must be done first.

(Leave a comment for each)

* Blog about this contest with a link to this post and MomSpit.

*Follow us on Twitter and post on Twitter about the contest.

One winner will be chosen!

*We will be using a random number generator to select the winner.

* Contest ends at 11:59pm on Friday December 19, 2008.  If the prize is not claimed in 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.

*Contest open to U.S. residents only.

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27 Responses

  1. What a great product! Im thinking we’d like the fig/green tea one. and im so willing to give up the thumb lick!! After 5 kids….yuk! i have 3 that could still use clean up ;O)

  2. I follow you on twitter and will “tweet” it too! ♥

  3. green tea here- wow give up the thumb lick- very easy to do

  4. Green tea!

  5. I’ve never even heard of MomSpit before. I learned something new today. 🙂

  6. I would give it up because it is gross. I like the green tea the best.

  7. Oh, this is just great. Like you said, it had me from the name alone. I would definitely go for the Fig and Green Tea (two scents that I like..never had them in combination before) I would LOVE to try this product..and if it works…I would definitely continue to buy it.

  8. green tea i vow because its irrestible

  9. Lemon and white tea sounds nice. I don’t like the idea of using actual momspit – that is just nasty. I do use wipes but think that might be too harsh for baby’s face. MomSpit sounds great.

  10. The Fig & Green Tea sounds good. I don’t really do the thumb lick (it’s icky to me) so that’s easy to give up! 😉

  11. I remember my Mom using real Momspit on me. Eeeeeuw!
    I would like Lemon and white Tea. Sounds much better than the real thing!

  12. I would love to win the MomSpit Lemon & White Tea. I would give up the thumb lick forever because I hate seeing the “cringe” & just really how clean and presentable is “spit face” anyway? Thanks for the contest!

  13. I would choose the fig/green tea . I would so use this. No more rolled eyes from the kiddos due to the thumblick!

  14. This is a test because there have been problems with the comments.

  15. Can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with the comments…

  16. I was contacted by Elizabeth at Parenting Pink. She told me that something was screwy with the comments on this post, but she wanted to enter the giveaway.

    I am entering her name on her behalf. Goodluck!

  17. My Mom also contacted me saying she even wanted to enter, but she wasn’t able to leave a comment.

    Goodluck Mom! Love, Kalisha

  18. I’d chose the Fig & Green Tea.

    I would DEFINITELY agree to give up the thumb lick. Because, frankly, it’s gross for me too. All the face gunk gets on my thumb!

  19. I would like the unscented but it would be hard to give up the quick saliva lick

  20. I haven’t had time to thoroughly check out your site in a while due to Christmas preparations, and now I look and ya’ll are giving away spit! Too hilarious! I thought it was a joke at first, but I just looked it up and there was the company right on the internet. Well, I don’t really see that there’s anything wrong with using your own spit. My kids have never complained. However, I will leave a comment in hopes of winning a bottle because it would make a really hilarious gift for a few ultra-sanitary moms I know! I can’t believe the label is actually MomSpit, how funny!

  21. Great idea for a product! the fig and green tea scent sounds great but mine is too sensitive to any scent, so unscented it is (I love products that are available scent-free!). I’d be more than happy to give up the thumb lick because rubbing spit on anyone, even your own child, is pretty gross.

  22. Lemon and white tea sounds nice and I can easily give up the thumb lick…lol

  23. I’d choose unscented because my kids don’t really need to smell like anything. LOL. They are kids. If I had this I would no longer use the thumb lick…thankfully.


  24. I heart the Lemon and white tea 🙂

  25. I love the MomSpit Lemon & White Tea! I would vow to give up the “thumb-lick” forever because it doesn’t seem terribly sanitary.

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