Happy 3rd Birthday!

 Written By: Kalisha


From the first moment she looked into our eyes…we were in love!

Bringing her home was the most exciting and very scary. I had to reattach the carseat because poor Brett didn’t get it right and I’m the type that doesn’t think anything is done right unless I do it anyway. Once we were home I put Journey on the bed in her room and just waited. Paced…checked to make sure she wasn’t cold and I really wasn’t sure what to do next with my newborn baby who was sleeping so peacefully.


 Journey at two months old was used to me taking at least 30-50 pictures of her (a day!).  In this one she really looks like Brett. I have always been amazed at how strong she was–she could hold her head up for almost a full minute!journey-2-month-0122

 During her first summer we enjoyed the sunny California weather by playing in our bikini’s and splashing around in her baby pool!


 Journey at one year old. She has lived up to her name; no matter what she is always on the go. Journey learned to walk at about 11 months and hasn’t slowed down since. So fiesty, busy, and happy!


I feel so lucky that she was able to grow up a little beach baby. There is so much peace at the beach. Here is Journey at two years old playing in the “winter sand”; she loved digging, jumping and squishing in the wet sand!


 Always exploring…Journey has brought home numerous creatures. This one is her littly buddy slug. The spring Faith was born was Journey’s favorite time to catch catepillars, snails and collect many rocks.


 Not only does Journey love animals, but has learned to love trees too! On the way home from the library every tree we passed she hugged and kissed, saying, “I love you!” I am so proud that she has it in her heart to love all things!


 From a busy little baby to a pretty little Princess–Journey shows her love of style and all things glittery whenever she dresses up!


 Journey always knows how to cut loose, be silly and put a smile on our faces! I feel so lucky to have such a playful little girl in my life.


Welcoming a little sister was a smooth transition. Since Journey was 14 months when Faith was born she really didn’t have any jealousy issues because having Faith around is all she can remember. Journey is a great big sister–always loving and helpful. Faith and Journey have their sister quarrels, but I know that they will be close forever no matter what.


 So, I know I won’t win the good mom award for being so late with this birthday post. My originial plan was to post this after her Princess party this past Saturday, but I was so busy with the party that I didn’t even take pictures! I know. I’m so mad with myself. But I do have some pictures to share of Journey’s birthday morning on Jan. 22, 2009. Here is how I decorated her table…



Happy 3rd Birthday Journey!

(Hopefully, people will email me the pics they took so I can add some of the party.)


Kind of like a Fraternal Twin Giveaway!

We just had to let you know about maybe the coolest giveaway (since our last one) yet! We like to think of it as a “fraternal twin” giveaway because it’s a giveaway, but with nothing in common except these things are used for babies and kids…

Alright. Alright. We weren’t going to make you guess or anything so we will cut to the chase so you can hurry up and enter to win!

The first is a must have as far as kids go. Comfort for your child and having your Mommy mind at ease is the perfect combination for a successful shopping trip or night out at a restaurant. The secret to the success is a KozyPal Cart Cover! Mmm Hmm. Yep. That’s right! These covers are stylish…they keep your child comfy cozy in those metal shopping carts…and also prevent the horror of your child eating that macaroni noodle she dropped in the restaurant high chair.

You need one.

We have one.

So, here is your chance to get one! KozyPal is giving away TWO $50 gift certificates to shop in their online store. With such good prices you could get one for yourself and your fraternal twin! Just go on over to the KozyPal blog to enter. Good luck!


Did we mention that these covers are handmade?! Very cool!

Now on to the other half of the giveaway. Just before Christmas and before our “sabbatical”, we were given the chance to welcome two cuddly friends into our homes; Hello Kitty and Hal the Moose. After a few weeks of sister fights over who would get to dis-robe and sleep with the Hello Kitty and poor Hal only being used for the pretty lights in his antlers, things have died down enough for us to be able to share the Build-a-Bear love with all of you!

Since the theme is fraternal twin giveway (so silly, we know) we have two gift cards to Build-A-Bear Workshop to giveaway!

First Prize: $25 giftcard

Second Prize: $10 giftcard

Sorry, no third or runner-up prizes–this isn’t like those child pageants were the non-winners still get a trophy. Either you win or you don’t. You could increase your chances by earning extra entries (*wink) and here is how to enter:

Win a gift card to Build-A-Bear!

Entry #1 : (Remember to leave a valid email address with your comment!) Leave a comment and let us know in at least 27 words (that’s the lucky number of the month) what your New Year’s Resolution is or goals that you have for you or your family for 2009. Simple. Right?

Extra Entries – #1 must be done first.

(Leave a comment for each)

* Blog about this contest with a link to this post.

*Follow us on Twitter and post on Twitter about the contest. (Remember to leave us the tweet #)

*Subscribe to our Mommy Lounge feed

One winner will be chosen!

*We will be using a random number generator to select the winner.

* Contest ends at 11:59pm on Wednesday January 28, 2009. If the prize is not claimed in 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.

*Contest open to U.S. residents only.

It’s Official!…We’re 27!

Today is Reneca's 27th Birthday! Woo-Hoo! Mine was on the 14th...so I wanted to post something to celebrate our 27 years of life!

Happy Birthday Reneca! We have been friends and have grown as close as sister's over the past 8 years and I look forward to at least 63 more years of friendship (or until one of us kicks the bucket first--NOT IT! LOL)

Love, Kalisha

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Natural as Mud

picbottlesFor all of the sweet, loves to sneak in Mommy’s make-up bag, dress-up kind of girly girl’s we have discovered a nail polish to match any Princess attire! Piggy Paint. From Mac-n-Cheese Please to Angel Kisses and even as bold as silver Twinkle Toes, Piggy Paint offers 13 unique colors.

With a name as cute as that, who could resist? Piggy Paints are 100%  non-toxic, odorless, and kid-friendly. They proudly boast that their piggy paints are as “natural as mud” and we have to agree.

Piggy Paints are one-of-a-kind and here’s why! They are:

  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Water-based formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fun, vibrant colors
  • Dries to a hard, durable finish

There is absolutely no smell at all. Trust us–we stuck our noses right up in the polish as well as the Piggy Paint Remover! The remover is amazing in itself. It’s clear, odor-less and is so strong that it even removes regular nail polish without a problem!


Now having a girly make-me-pretty-night can be a breeze! Not only will Piggy Paint be a hit at any sleepover, it can also be used a learning tool. How great is that? (Quoted from the Piggy Paint site);

Fine Motor Skills
Let your child paint your fingernails or toenails. If you’re worried about it looking (well, like a child painted your nails), opt for the toenails…you can always put socks on in public! This helps with her fine-motor skills and gives her a chance to exert her independence.

Color Names
Are you trying to teach your child color names? Paint her nails with the specific color you’re working on (such as red) and declare it a “Red Day”. All day long, point out objects in her environment that match her nails, and encourage her to do the same. Wear red clothes, add red foods to mealtime and use a bath color tablet to make her bath water red. Once she’s mastered that color, paint her piggies a new color.

Recognizing different types of patterns is a hard concept learn for children to learn, so why not put
patterns right at their fingertips? For example, if you’re working on simple patterns, alternate blue and yellow “Piggy Paint” on her fingers. As you go through the day, help her to make patterns with her toys, M&M‘s, crayons, beads…use your creativity. Have her refer to her fingernails for help. Start out with color patterns and then attempt other categories, such as big doll, little doll, big doll, etc. Ready for harder patterns? Move to three different colors or alternate pink, purple, purple, pink, and so on.

School Colors
Does your daughter play any sports? Perhaps she has a favorite high school, collegiate, or professional team she cheers for. If so, paint her nails with her team’s colors to show her support.

product_paintWhat we love most of all is that Piggy Paint was invented by a stay-at-home Mom of two young girls, Melanie Hurley. She experienced what most of us have gone through with regular nail polish; yucky smells and worry of chemical ingestion. She decided to do something about when she saw that the solvent-based polish actually “ate” through a foam plate! Melanie created a wonderful kid-friendly, non-flammable and chemical-free polish for all little girls to enjoy–putting out Mommy minds at ease. Thanks Melanie! We love Piggy Paints and we hope you will too!

Kalisha and Reneca

We will be back soon…

Hi! Happy New Year to you! Reneca and I are still alive and well. I know that we have been absent from the blog world for a few weeks, but our lives outside of the blog o’ sphere have been pretty hectic. We like to say that we are taking a kind of Mommy Sabbatical to just renew our minds, spirit and take care of some household business.

I am in the middle of moving and relocating to a new city–still in California. The move date is January 31st so there is a lot to be done. Until the beginning of February we won’t be posting anything on a regular basis, but there are a couple of review posts that we are sure you will love and also a giveaway that we want to ring in the New Year with.

Keep checking back and really soon we will all be back to normal!

Journey, Faith, Daddy (Brett) and me!

Journey, Faith, Daddy (Brett) and me!

Kaleah, DJ and Kiara with Santa

Kaleah, DJ and Kiara with Santa

Kalisha and Reneca