It’s Official!…We’re 27!

Today is Reneca's 27th Birthday! Woo-Hoo! Mine was on the I wanted to post something to celebrate our 27 years of life!

Happy Birthday Reneca! We have been friends and have grown as close as sister's over the past 8 years and I look forward to at least 63 more years of friendship (or until one of us kicks the bucket first--NOT IT! LOL)

Love, Kalisha

Click to play Happy 27th B-day!
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5 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Ladies!! You don’t look a day over 26!! : )

  2. Happy Birthday Kalisha & Reneca! I am also a capricorn birthday – Jan. 19th! No wonder we all get along so well!

    Btw, love your new blog design! Very savvy and chic!

  3. Happy birthday, ladies!!! I love Smilebox! Very cute.

  4. Happy Birthday/ Kalisha and Reneca

    Love you both , Kalisha / My baby and Reneca like my other daughter, Wish you two the very best. Love always. Mom in Colorado. (Sharon)

  5. Happy Birthday! That’s crazy- I turned 26 on Saturday! Happy Birthdays to all of us! yay!

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