Kind of like a Fraternal Twin Giveaway!

We just had to let you know about maybe the coolest giveaway (since our last one) yet! We like to think of it as a “fraternal twin” giveaway because it’s a giveaway, but with nothing in common except these things are used for babies and kids…

Alright. Alright. We weren’t going to make you guess or anything so we will cut to the chase so you can hurry up and enter to win!

The first is a must have as far as kids go. Comfort for your child and having your Mommy mind at ease is the perfect combination for a successful shopping trip or night out at a restaurant. The secret to the success is a KozyPal Cart Cover! Mmm Hmm. Yep. That’s right! These covers are stylish…they keep your child comfy cozy in those metal shopping carts…and also prevent the horror of your child eating that macaroni noodle she dropped in the restaurant high chair.

You need one.

We have one.

So, here is your chance to get one! KozyPal is giving away TWO $50 gift certificates to shop in their online store. With such good prices you could get one for yourself and your fraternal twin! Just go on over to the KozyPal blog to enter. Good luck!


Did we mention that these covers are handmade?! Very cool!

Now on to the other half of the giveaway. Just before Christmas and before our “sabbatical”, we were given the chance to welcome two cuddly friends into our homes; Hello Kitty and Hal the Moose. After a few weeks of sister fights over who would get to dis-robe and sleep with the Hello Kitty and poor Hal only being used for the pretty lights in his antlers, things have died down enough for us to be able to share the Build-a-Bear love with all of you!

Since the theme is fraternal twin giveway (so silly, we know) we have two gift cards to Build-A-Bear Workshop to giveaway!

First Prize: $25 giftcard

Second Prize: $10 giftcard

Sorry, no third or runner-up prizes–this isn’t like those child pageants were the non-winners still get a trophy. Either you win or you don’t. You could increase your chances by earning extra entries (*wink) and here is how to enter:

Win a gift card to Build-A-Bear!

Entry #1 : (Remember to leave a valid email address with your comment!) Leave a comment and let us know in at least 27 words (that’s the lucky number of the month) what your New Year’s Resolution is or goals that you have for you or your family for 2009. Simple. Right?

Extra Entries – #1 must be done first.

(Leave a comment for each)

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One winner will be chosen!

*We will be using a random number generator to select the winner.

* Contest ends at 11:59pm on Wednesday January 28, 2009. If the prize is not claimed in 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.

*Contest open to U.S. residents only.


76 Responses

  1. My New Years Resolution is to be more organized. I’m now opening mail as soon as I get it. Tossing out the garbage, paying the bills immediately.

  2. WOW! That is better than I can say for myself. What a great resolution…as we speak (or type) my bills and mail are sitting on my mantel. Unopened! So, good for you!~

  3. Our New Years Resolution is “Be Happy” and do our BEST. We had a hard last year with many major changes. My kids have amazed me through it all.

  4. Lucky 27…..that’s how old I am! My New Years resolution was to make better of our spending. Rather than going out for pizza once a week, I would buy frozen, and rent a movie for $1. Saves us a ton, and plus we get to be together with the kids.

  5. Well, my goals for 2009 are as follows:

    1. I want to invent a secret formula spritzer that when pumped a few times outside my door, will repel all the multitudes of ravishing supermodels that stamped here regularly trying to steal my kisses.

    2. Also in 2009, I’d like to successfully figure out how to pressure wash the 4th story level of my multi-million dollar mansion.

    3. I’d like to start exaggerating a little less.


  6. I started doing the mail last year too- its amazing how much you save just by tossing the catalogs as soon as you shake them when they come thru the money and less clutter. I am trying this year to be healthier – not just for me but the whole family- buying less junk food even if its a deal, its not a deal if its not good for them and not healthy. No, we are not perfect but gonna try to bring less in the door so I am not the enabler to junk food eating around here. With that also goes portion control, realistic portion control for me and others, especially husband and reminding him to let food settle before he shovels—oops I mean spoons anymore on the plate – even if it means making plates and putting the extra away before we sit down.

  7. My new year’s resolution is to maintain my health by exercising daily.

  8. I made a huge New Years Resolution list but after 2 days realized it was a bit too much…now I am just trying to take better care of myself (actually eat lunch and drink more water). And to remember that no matter what’s going on, our lives are blessed!
    Oh, and to try and stop eating my cookie stash in the bathroom….it’s not going so well so far! 🙂

  9. We all resolved to eat more healthy and organic foods, to use our treadmill, and to just get rid of the bad food habits we’ve acquired over the years. Not easy, but it’s a challenge we need to take.

  10. My resolution has been to finish a half-ironman

  11. My resolution is to NOT gain weight!

  12. My new years resolution is keep my family organized in every aspect of home, work and school.

  13. I am an artist, so my New Year’s resolution is to paint faster, produce more and better art. An, of course sell more art through a gallery.

  14. In 2009 I want to be more organized, healthier and more optimistic.These things are all possible and achievable by me and my family. Also want to pay down debt as much as possible.

  15. Losing weight, saving money, and a zillion other things to get it together.

  16. I am working on losing weight that I gained last year — especially because of the health problems it is causing me. Thanks so much for the contest.

  17. My goal for this year is to become better organized, which in turn will help simplify my life. I hope to have more time for family, just to relax & enjoy being together.

  18. We want to add to our home orchard. We are going more and more green all the time. Growing our own fruit is to help with economics but also to replenish the earth by growing trees that bear fruit, Vines and a veggie garden. Composting is huge on our list for this year.

  19. My mother will be moving in with us in a couple of months so my New Years resolution is to be tolerant and not too sensitive in order to make the transition as s mooth as possible for all parties concerend.

  20. Thank you for having this. My resolutions have included getting out of credit card debt. I am on a budget and have wrote everything down. I truly believe with our small income we can do it.

  21. my resolution is to be more patient with the kids

  22. My new year’s resolutions are to lose weight, get in shape, and eat healthy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I subscribed in a reader.

  24. I am working on just being a better person in general…the older I get the more I realize that I have not always been nice or easy to get along with.

  25. My new years resolution is to get organized! My husband and I are also trying to make sure we eat dinner together everynignt, at the table! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  26. I subscribed in google reader!!

  27. Our New Years Resolution is to eat more fruits and vegetables. We are trying to eat less processed foods & more organic foods-even though they are a bit more pricey. We are going to try our first garden this Spring-should be fun & educational for the whole family.~Thanks

  28. The usual, LOOSE WEIGHT!

  29. I plan to get my yard & garden in top notch shape this year. There is so much to do, plus I enjoy gardening & the outdoors as well.
    You know another thing I would love to do is take my 3 year old grandson to Build a Bear for his very 1st visit!!! Thanks

  30. My New Year’s Resolution is Not to make a /New Year’s Resolution because you never stick to it anyway. lol, Anyway but to get serious, Im a Vegetarian. I already eat healthy, So i will continue to eat healthier, excerise more, love, laugh, and enjoy life. Spend more time with all my family.Life is to short to let it all slip away. Become a better person inside and out, in takes more frowns to make a unhappy face than to smile and have a pretty face 🙂 Live each day to the fulliest, non is promised. I love the number 17/ 27 Have a blessed day. Sharon

  31. this year i want to spent more time on me! i love to read, scrapbook and organize. so i’m gonna make more time for those things..


  33. My new years resolution is to lose at least 40 pounds by the end of the year, at about 4 pounds a month… I think I can do it! How many words was that?!?!?! LOL!

  34. My goals are to get financial stablity! Also start being active doing sports daily with my kids! I have made a schedule to keep us active. Also to make more food verse earting out. I have started a recipe box to help me. To stay in church with my kids. I think I have covered it all! I LOVE FAMILY!!!!!

  35. Just got twin grandbabies a boy and a girl in Nov. Would love to win. Please enter me, thank you

  36. My New Years Eve resolution was to Smile more, and pay more attention to people and my surroundings, and to try and be happier, Thanks for the giveaway

  37. My New Years resolution and family goal for 2009 are the same thing. I resolve to work hard not to go broke in 2009. We had a second child and it’s strapping us financially (between child care costs and general inflation.) I just want to survive in ’09!

  38. i resolved to exercise.

  39. Our new years resolution is to get out of debt, we are doing good so far. We have paid off almost $5000.00 so far.

  40. My goal is to get all the clutter removed from my house and to get everything else oranized. I feel so overwhelmed at times when it comes to cleaning. I need a visit from clean sweep.

  41. Twittered. (smokey4)

  42. I want to loose and maintain a lower weight

  43. I don’t necessarily call it a New Year’s resolution, but I am trying harder to watch my spending and not just buy new things when I could possibly fix up things I already have that would work just as well.

  44. Don’t we all need to get more organized!

  45. I would love to win this to get organzized

  46. We’re trying to get (and stay) organized! With 2 kids and a husband who have lots of toys, our house is always full and messy! We have to get better or lose our sanity!

  47. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Thank you!!!

  48. I resolve to be happier and enjoy the things I have.

  49. My New Year’s resolution is to get organized, once and for all. I have stuff everywhere but nowhere that I can find it. I will know that I absolutely have some item but I can’t find it and I end up going and buying another one rather than keep looking for it in my storage chaos.

  50. Our goals are to declutter the house and to become better organized. We also have committed to spend more time together as a family doing something fun like playing games or some sort of outing.

  51. My new years resolution for 2009 is to smile more. Wow, sounds easy enough doesn’t it but it is not. This last year was a hard year for my family and I and there really hasn’t been a lot to smile about. My resolution is to relax, enjoy and be thankful for what I do have and to quit stressing what I don’t have and what I cannot change. Since I start each day on the computer I have put a smile face sticker in the corner of the monitor, it reminds me to smile. I have the same on my bathroom mirror, my refridgerator, etc… Just little reminders throughout my day to remind me to smile. So far so good, it has been working. I have found myself being less grouchy. Smiles spread and I have noticed the tone in my household is different. Life is just to short to let it pass by frowning.

    Thank you for the chance and if you read this, SMILE, one more person I have spread it to.

  52. I want to try to eat healthier.

  53. My New Year’s Resolution for 2009 is to be more organized as well as to keep my family organized. I also want to spend more time with my family.

  54. New Year’s resolution is to live every day as if it were my last!

  55. My goals for this year are to exercise more regularly and to eat better (especially eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and not eating so much “crap”! I am also going to try to get my house organized, which will for sure be a whole year project!

  56. Kind of a boring one but I am trying to get all the paperwork that is all over my house organized and put in basically a few places.

  57. I’m a subscriber

  58. I am going to cut out a lot of sugar and lay off the caffeine a bit, as well as get more rest and exercise.

  59. My resolution, is to eat healthier and to get up and exercise more.

    Thanks for the contest, btw.. love the cart kozy my niece and nephew would love it.

  60. My resolution is to spend more time with my kids, and make a point of doing more things together with them. I’m actually making a resolution to NOT keep the house as clean.. lol.. I spend too much time worrying about that, and not spending enough time with my 4 kids!

  61. My Tweet

  62. My New Year’s resolution is to become a healthier person. I have begun exercising more and eating healthier. I have already lost five pounds and I feel better (which is why I’m actually doing it )

  63. That’s an important resolution–we always have to remind ourselves that no matter what the housework will always be there, but our children won’t be little forever. Great resolution!

  64. I am trying to save up some money in the bank for a nest egg!!

  65. My resolutions include de-cluttering my life, implement a realistic budget, doing something creative everyday, and having 1 meal as a family a day.

  66. My resolutions include losing 30 pounds, getting in shape, de-cluttering the house/my life, creating a real budget for our family and actually using the coupons I clip so faithfully.

  67. We have a family of eight, so our resolution for this year is to become a more organized family. We all realize if we can accomplish this, we can have more free time for the fun and most important things in life.

  68. With the uncertainty of the economy right now, we are trying to eat out less!

  69. I want to lose weight and get in better shape. I would like to adopt a child this year, so it is going to be a very busy year. I want to spend more time with my children.

  70. I subscribed to your Mommy Lounge feed.

  71. I am following you on twitter, and I tweeted.

  72. The only resolution I ever kept was not to make resolutions. I try to tackle problems before they become unbearable. The one I cannot control is clutter, but I keep trying! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  73. LOL!!!

  74. Wow! Good Luck, please let us know how that goes!

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