Happy 3rd Birthday!

 Written By: Kalisha


From the first moment she looked into our eyes…we were in love!

Bringing her home was the most exciting and very scary. I had to reattach the carseat because poor Brett didn’t get it right and I’m the type that doesn’t think anything is done right unless I do it anyway. Once we were home I put Journey on the bed in her room and just waited. Paced…checked to make sure she wasn’t cold and I really wasn’t sure what to do next with my newborn baby who was sleeping so peacefully.


 Journey at two months old was used to me taking at least 30-50 pictures of her (a day!).  In this one she really looks like Brett. I have always been amazed at how strong she was–she could hold her head up for almost a full minute!journey-2-month-0122

 During her first summer we enjoyed the sunny California weather by playing in our bikini’s and splashing around in her baby pool!


 Journey at one year old. She has lived up to her name; no matter what she is always on the go. Journey learned to walk at about 11 months and hasn’t slowed down since. So fiesty, busy, and happy!


I feel so lucky that she was able to grow up a little beach baby. There is so much peace at the beach. Here is Journey at two years old playing in the “winter sand”; she loved digging, jumping and squishing in the wet sand!


 Always exploring…Journey has brought home numerous creatures. This one is her littly buddy slug. The spring Faith was born was Journey’s favorite time to catch catepillars, snails and collect many rocks.


 Not only does Journey love animals, but has learned to love trees too! On the way home from the library every tree we passed she hugged and kissed, saying, “I love you!” I am so proud that she has it in her heart to love all things!


 From a busy little baby to a pretty little Princess–Journey shows her love of style and all things glittery whenever she dresses up!


 Journey always knows how to cut loose, be silly and put a smile on our faces! I feel so lucky to have such a playful little girl in my life.


Welcoming a little sister was a smooth transition. Since Journey was 14 months when Faith was born she really didn’t have any jealousy issues because having Faith around is all she can remember. Journey is a great big sister–always loving and helpful. Faith and Journey have their sister quarrels, but I know that they will be close forever no matter what.


 So, I know I won’t win the good mom award for being so late with this birthday post. My originial plan was to post this after her Princess party this past Saturday, but I was so busy with the party that I didn’t even take pictures! I know. I’m so mad with myself. But I do have some pictures to share of Journey’s birthday morning on Jan. 22, 2009. Here is how I decorated her table…



Happy 3rd Birthday Journey!

(Hopefully, people will email me the pics they took so I can add some of the party.)


10 Responses

  1. What a PRECIOUS set of pictures! I love the one of her kissing a tree and, of course, the princess costume! She is soooo cute! Happy Birthday, Journey!

    I didn’t realize your daughters were so close together in age. Mine are 23 months apart and also had very little, if any, sibling rivalry. My own sister and I are almost exactly 12 months apart and we are very, very, very close! Sisters are the best!

  2. Thanks! Wow! 12 months apart is very close! It’s good to know that you and your sister a so close–I really hope that for Journey and Faith…

  3. Happy Birthday Journey!

  4. Wonderful pics! I love babies with hair! Speaking of being close in age…my sister and I are only 11 months apart and were born in the same year–January and December. We think our parents were crazy!

  5. she’s beautiful!! hope her birthday was fabulous!
    thanks for stopping by reneca! 🙂

  6. She is so cute. Thank goodness for sweet little girls! Of course, we need more sweet little boys too. But, personally, I am thankful that I had a girl! I like brushing her hair and putting pig tails in, and just being able to do “girly” stuff…and then tonight, she asked for a “pink” soup cup for her soup. Alas, we don’t have one.. but now we have to get one for sure 🙂

  7. Oh, I wanted to say too, that Sophie will be 2 in February. It is truly amazing how quickly time passes…. I hope she’s not 18 in the blink of an eye. I am very fortunate to stay at home with her, so I can soak up all the years. But I do remind people whenever I can that it is a full time job in itself! I think sometimes people forget and take stay-at-home moms for granted because we “stay at home” all day. Right, because all we have to do is sit around watching tv! 🙂 I don’t even sit that much. I stand up mostly! I even eat while I am doing dishes sometimes. But I do have Sophie’s nap time, where I rest too… I just have to take that time for myself!

  8. Oh, what a beautiful, precious little girl! Happy Birthday Journey!

  9. Your little girl is precious! Like you, I can’t believe how quickly time flies. My little boy is about to be 2 years old, but it seems like only 2 weeks ago I brought him home from the hospital.

  10. Awww shes growing up so fast…

    miss you all and cant wait to see you all, especially sterling who’s probably being mistreated as usual BTW check out my blog. Did it for my IB class but it’s pretty cool, i think ^_^

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