Double + Trouble = Stress

Written by: Kalisha

For the time being I’m changing Journey’s name to Double and Faith’s name to Trouble. Because lately they have been getting into a whole lot of trouble together. I’m not quite sure who is the mastermind, but they have both been taking advantage of the fact that I have been really preoccupied with a lot of household matters. I have a feeling it is my wild-haired 22 mo. old. She came out sweet, but has become a little bit sneaky.  And I’ve noticed that Journey plays the helpful-big-sister-role to a T.  Journey will gladly help Faith unroll the toilet paper from the roll, or help her to climb up on the table to get on the laptop and “update our blog” (well, I guess if we aren’t–someone has to!) So, amidst all of this I have learned my lesson. NEVER ever leave Double and Trouble alone when they are armed with paint brushes and paints! (And it is a whole other story on the reason Journey is naked. Seems to be an everyday thing. Kind of like the dress-up-like-a-princess phase she went through–except now she’s moved on to just taking her clothes completely off. I was worried, but the doctor said it is normal three-year-old behavior. To each his own.)


I usually keep a close eye on them, but life has been so crazy around here…I have been on the phone, computer or filling out paper work non-stop. Which is something I’m not used to because my main role is to take care of Journey and Faith, play with them, clean up after them, take care of the pets, and clean and maintain the house. Doing extra things makes it all so complicated. I’m beating myself up over it because I feel so out of control. I know that this won’t last forever and by this I mean the mess that we are calling “the move.” I hope you don’t feel like I’m exaggerating, but moving happens to be one of the most stressful situations that a person can go through. I think it is just below a death in the family.  Moving has brought me to tears once in my life and not because I was sad to move, but just so over-whelmed. This time I will not cry and I know it will all pass with no problem.

I know the reason why I am upset with myself. I am a very hands-on-type-of-mom. I enjoy just being with Journey and Faith, but lately I haven’t been fully there, in the moment with them (reason they have been named Double and Trouble). I feel like my mind is always someplace else, worrying about everything. We do have times when I feel in the moment with them–like when we go to the park, read books, tell stories, dance, and just play silly…(sigh) It’s hard managing stress and caring for children. I don’t think I’m handling it very well right now and maybe I’m being too hard on myself. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels the stress of motherhood on top of daily stress, but the very act of being-too-hard-on-yourself actually creates more stress. Geez!

Well, I suppose I will have to add that to the top of the list on how to cope with Motherhood and Stress:

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself!
  2. Ask for help if you feel overwhelmed
  3. Take time out for yourself on a daily basis
  4. Talk with someone who will listen and provide the support you need
  5. Laugh at any chance you get
  6. Eat more chocolate (wink)
  7. Find peace in your Faith

I will stop there because 7 is my favorite and lucky number. I can also end this post on a high note. Today we found out that we were accepted into the house that we wanted. I will let you know more once we are all moved in! It is about half an hour from where we live now and we will all have to meet new people and learn a new neighborhood, but this will a good move for us and I won’t let the latest adventure of Double and Trouble get me stressed out…where’s the chocolate?!dsc08324


9 Responses

  1. I’m sorry that you are stressed. In a year or two you are going to love that you have these pictures to remind you of their mischievous antics. They really know how to have fun.

  2. Thanks! You are right–they both add the fun and excitement to my life! I really don’t get so upset at these things they do. They really make me laugh, but the egg thing was just a little annoying because I had to clean it up.

  3. Ha! Well those pictures certainly gave me a good laugh! It’s a good thing you didn’t just move next door to us because between your two and my two we’d be in for some serious trouble! There is a reason why we invested in a good steam cleaner shortly after Mayla was born! And we’ve been through about 5 vacuum cleaners, no joke! I LOVE the pics! Esp. the “bullseye”! Great job on raising energetic, creative, fun-loving girls!

  4. What is it with kids and drawing/painting all over themselves??? I have some pics like that too. 🙂

    I know exactly how you are feeling. We’re preparing for a move too and I feel like things been crazy, I haven’t been able to pay as much attention to the kids, etc… I keep telling myself this is only temporary. We’ve just got to get from point A to point B.

    In the mean time, you might want to think about getting a refrigerator lock! hahaha 🙂

    Congrats on the new house! That’s exciting!

  5. I love your blog! So Ro was “taking a nap” today and when I went to check on him he was covered in poop and it was EVERYWHERE!!! It took an hour to clean up, I took a mommy break looked at your blog and found this post. Helps keep everything into perspective and nice to know I am not the only one who feels a bit out of control sometimes.
    Good luck with the move we will miss you guys!!!

  6. Oh MY! Those little ladies sure do know how to make a mess & STRESS their mom out! Whew! Looks like a day at our house (ok, minus the “egg” mess).

    Sorry it’s been stressful. I know EXACTLY how that feels. But if it’s any consolation, I think it’s really cool they paint “naked!” LOL

  7. Your list of seven is perfect! And you will (one day) be glad you took the time to take those pictures. The girls will thank you too. 🙂

  8. Good afternoon Kalisha
    Everyone/ Kalisha is my daughter, ” Way to go Journey and Faith ” GiGi Luv you gurls to pieces, keep up the good work, awesome art work, and the eggs your momma did that to me once, only i wasnt moving she wanted to help cook…. So that was payback… Lol Lol … (27) years later.. Thank you.. Kalisha calm down take a deep breath and count to 10 back wards you will be ok, they are just kids like i used to say about you, you turned out just fine. They look at peace and very calm, you should relax more and maybe have joined in… Now that would have been a pic worth a 1000 words and a story to tell. I love you all Mom and JJ.

  9. steam cleaners can clean lots of dirty clothes in a very short period of time that is why i always prefer to use them ;~-

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