It’s lovey scrubby time!


If you are like us, cleaning is not one of your favorite activities. We pull out our bright neon sponge to clean our dishes and counter tops.    Aside from the lack of eye appeal, these sponges also leave a huge footprint in our landfills. Well, we have found the solution to getting out of the cleaning doldrums.  It’s lovey scrubby time!

This phrase could not be any truer. Now thanks to TWIST we lovey to scrubby too!

Why is Twist better?bird-feeder-3-iphoto1

TWIST is Eco-friendly.  The products are made from cellulose which is source from renewable tree farms.  On top of that, TWIST makes sure that most of its waste is reused in production.  What do you usually do with the packaging of your bright neon sponges…throw them out, right?    Well the paperboard packaging of TWIST products can be turned into a bird feeder. How cool is that?

dsc08219TWIST products are durable, biodegradable and stylish.  They offer a new approach to kitchen and bathroom cleaning through innovative and effective designs.  For example, our favorite, TWIST’s Loofah Sponge is the only sponge on the market with one side absorbent sponge and one side natural loofah. Its like having a cup of coffee and and a Krispy Kream doughnut in one. Not to mention, that it offers safer and more effective scouring and scrubbing power for scratch-prone pans.

Just about every home across the country uses paper towels regularly to clean up spills and messes.  One Twist European Sponge Cloth is equivalent to approximately 17 rolls of paper towels. Check out this video!

TWIST is an environmentally responsible, functional, and fun alternative to normal house hold cleaning products that sit in our land fills today.

Reneca and Kalisha


2 Responses

  1. I had never heard of this. How cool! Thanks for letting the rest of us know about it.

  2. I have used those kewl loofah product before, and also like using a natural sea sponges for cleaning…try one and you will never go back.

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