Hi Everyone! This is Kalisha writing you from my new home in the Valley! So much has been happening and Reneca and I never meant to fall off the bloggy map. So, I guess I will fill you in…

It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be…I guess I became kind of a beach snob (and now I really miss just how close we were to the ocean!), but things are definitely making a change–for the better! Now that we have moved the burden of paying over-priced rent for a house that didn’t feel like a home is gone. We are settling in very nicely; we have an amazing bike path behind our house dsc08431and lots of our own private space within our very own backyard. I know I sound a little crazy right now, but I haven’t had a backyard in over 4 years! We have been spending our time getting to know where everything is, taking walks to the park (which is huge!) and spending more time together as a family.

That is the most important thing–time together as a family.

dsc08363Journey and Faith have handled the changes quite well since the “egg incident.” It is amazing how children take change like a breeze in the wind–they just go with it–never fighting it. I know I have fought change before and it has never ended nicely. Motherhood kind of changes you to really accept the changes and go with the flow. At least that is how it has affected me.  There is really no way that any Mom could survive the first year of their babies life if they didn’t give in to the many changes that happen.  Part of my mothering philosophy is to go with the flow, but there does have to be some action to go along with it.

Action requires a bit of Faith and a lot of confidence in yourself. That is the biggest milestone that Reneca and I have come to face. And I can speak for her because we just had this conversation yesterday.We both don’t just want things to happen to us–we want to make it happen! This goes a little deeper than just making changes, but realizing that the changes we make are what we want–not what anyone else wants for us. Sometimes we depend so much on what other people might think or how they will accept us for the changes we make or the action we take. (Am I talking in circles?) I just don’t want to name names–so let me just say this. All people want is for someone to be proud of them. We just need to accept that the most important person that should be proud of us is ourselves.

Having that confidence in ourselves is what can make change manageable. Taking every opportunity or hardship and turning it into a positive to benefit myself is what I am changing.  Sometimes I find myself being sucked into the Mother role and losing sight of who Kalisha really is. And I’m not the same person I was 5 or 10 years ago, but I know I am much smarter and stronger. I mean come on! I’m a Mother! There is no other greater force out there! LOL

I just want to know how you deal with changes? Do you find it harder to accept or make a change since becoming a Mom?

I would love to hear your thoughts…