Tru Kid Healthy Habits Giveaway!

I am really excited to tell you about this amazing all-natural children’s skincare. Tru Kid. All of Tru Kid’s products are made from essential oils and natural ingredients (all ingredients are non-toxic and gluten-free!) in bright, eye-catching packaging with REALLY fun names! Tru Kid is “built on a philosophy to encourage kids to form healthy habits that last a lifetime.” What I love is that they do it in such a fun, encouraging, and very positive way. It is such a great concept. We can all agree that healthy habits, good manners, and responsibility are learned at an early age. To help children learn how to care for themselves and have fun doing it, Tru Kid provides printable songs, rhymes, and Healthy Habits checklists.

Tru Kid is giving away a Healthy Habits Pack too! Go to the UV Skinz blog to find out more!


3 Responses

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing this! It looks like it is something my son could use.

  2. I also recently saw this product at my local Whole Foods store and have fallen in love with the entire line! It is truly a great concept. It helps my kids learn healthy habits with their Healthy Habits checklist. It is also amazingly appealing to my kids. They love the bright and fun packaging, the smell, and the gentleness of the products. I feel assured because TruKid emphazises safety, using non-toxic ingredients found in many other products. The Enviornmental Working Group even rated this line a safety rating of 0-3 which is the safest of all skin care lines! I definitely recommend this product. Even I enjoy using it!

  3. My kids love the smell of all of their products and I love them too. These products are great because the kids can put them on themselves and not make a huge mess. One of my favorite products is the Dancing Detangler. My little girl has so many knots in her hair and I’ve been trying to find a detangler that will help so she doesn’t scream when I’m brushing her hair. This detangler is her favorite by far. She loves the smell and she is even brushing her hair by herself now!

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