In Memory of Sterling

Journey, Daddy, and Sterling

Journey, Daddy, and Sterling

April ’00-May ’09

Sterling Beck aka Bubba,Turtle, Love of our lives!…

Yesterday we sent our 10-year-old Great Dane, Sterling, to Doggy Heaven. We found out Easter weekend that he was in the late stages of stomach and liver cancer. The vet suggested that we put him down immediately and that he only had five days to live.

I began to explain to Journey and Faith that Sterling was very old and sick (he had become very skinny and would barely eat) and that we needed to help Sterling get to Doggy Heaven. Days after our talk I started to notice Journey and Faith giving Sterling extra hugs and attention. dsc08605

It has always been a rule that he wasn’t allowed in the playroom or the girl’s bedroom. Selfish on my part because I didn’t want to clean dog hair from two more rooms in the house. But towards the end there were times when he laid in their room and I didn’t stop him. I just wanted him to rest and be comfortable where ever he wanted. One day Journey came to me and said that Sterling’s feet were cold and she covered him up. When I saw this I was so touched!


There were only two times when Sterling broke my “no-going-in-the-girl’s-room-rule”, when Journey was a baby and another time when Faith was born. He refused to leave and even growled at me, which he never done before. Each time there were reports of tremors and an earthquake on the news. We couldn’t believe it!

He was more than just a dog. He was my Brett’s life-saver. Our protector. Journey and Faith’s playmate and my teacher. Sterling showed so much patience, strength, understanding, and always showed unconditional love.

Sterling had always had a big appetite; even after wolfing down his dog food he would always sit and wait for someone to share their dinner with him. That was one of the first reasons we knew something was wrong because he just stopped eating as regularly, but whenever Journey had a cookie to share he wouldn’t turn it down.He always enjoyed cookies, doughnuts, popsicles, and his all time favorite was pizza crusts!

sterling-and-journeyHe was always admired everywhere he went, mostly being mistaken for a huge Dalmatian or a small pony. Sterling loved to play hide and seek, ran like a stallion, and was always gentle. He never picked a fight with other dogs, unless he felt they were a threat to us. He loved small dogs and children so much that I feel he never knew just how big he was.

Saying Good-bye to Sterling was hard. When Journey and Faith gave him hugs and kisses Brett saw that Sterling had begun to cry. It made him too emotional and he had to leave the room. I looked Sterling in the eye and told him that I always loved him, that he had a been an amazing dog and we would see him again someday.


Our family will always miss Sterling, but we know he will always be in our hearts. The house feels really quiet now, even with two crazy girl’s running around. We miss the sound of his bark and the clickity-clack of his feet. We miss him, but I feel comforted knowing that his suffering is over. I imagine that Sterling is healthy, happy, and young again; running and chasing after frogs and squirrels in the creek where he grew up.


We will always love you Sterling! This is for you…

We had pizza and it felt so weird to not have Sterling to give the crust to. :-(

We had pizza and it felt so weird to not have Sterling to give the crust to. 😦

Always in our hearts! Love, Kalisha, Brett, Journey and Faith


9 Responses

  1. What a sweet looking dog! Sounds like he will be sorely missed.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sterling sounds like a wonderful dog. He is so pretty too. My thoughts are with your family right now.

    I grew up with Great Danes and I’m trying to talk Peanut Head into getting one. They are so gentle and not hyper. Our GDs growing up were always very protective of us kids. They’re good mother hens.

  3. Dogs truly become members of a family. I am sorry for your loss. I’m dreading the day when our Max has to go. I hope it’s not for a long time.

  4. Okay- I am spending some time here on Mother’s Day with huge tears streaming out all over…”keep it away from the computer”. Anyway- Your sweet story of Sterling was so touching. My dog of 12 yrs growing up had to be put to sleep and I still think of her even today and miss her so much. Hang in there. Sterling will always be in your heart and you are right…I bet he has many dog friends in Heaven already with a plate of his favorite foods at every meal 😉 Hugs, Caroline *mommy of two (one sweet 6 yr old and one charming, Eczema healing 4 yr old) Thank you God for his Vidazorb probiotic.

  5. Oh, I’m so sorry. What a sweet post. It sounds like he was a great dog and well loved. 🙂

  6. What a beautiful and touching story! Pets are truly therapy wrapped up in fur! Thank you for sharing your story and photos of precious Sterling!

  7. I’m so sorry for your lose!

  8. I’m so sorry about Sterling. He looks like a wonderful dog! I grew up with dogs and we’ve had to send a couple to doggie heaven too. I completely understand!

  9. I feel your sorrow. we have a great dane too, shes very old, shes 9 but very very heathly, we were gone to town and our neighbors kid came into our yard and let maddie (my fawn great dane) and my other dog t-bone (border collie) out so he could play with him. well when he was done he put then back on the deck and closed the gate ‘unlocked’ so our other meighbors dogs (small yappy dogs that are so annoying i spray them with our hose when they come into our yard. i mean so annoying when our dogs and locked on the deck those dogs come into our yard and bark at them. so they start barking, maddie being old and having enough with their noise, broke the gate open unlocked of course, and ran into the front yard of our neighbors and took one of the small dogs and growled and picked it up by the neck and shook it like a rag doll. she broke the small dogs neck. maddie dropped the dog down after it was barly breathing and trotted back into our yarn, when we got home, we saw a notice from the spca and our neighbors were glaring and swearing and cursing at us. (dosnt help that they are drunks) and yeah after a few mintues i went to talk to my mom and dad on the deck and …..they ammited maddie would have to be put down. but one of my moms friends said ” this is what maddie thought ‘ if i am going to die that little shit head is coming with me, save trouble from my dads ass. i cant leave this up to t-bone to do” i laughed at that point of view, she is going to be made a appointment soon to be put down. i hope her the best traviling, mabey maddie and sterling well meet in doggy heaven.

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