Quiet Moments

Years ago there was a quiet moment during my labor with Journey. Someone (maybe our Doula) urged me to sleep and to enjoy the quiet. My pre-kid self couldn’t imagine the turn of events after she was born. My peace, my quiet and my sleep all seemed to dwindle away with each need and cry of my newborn. Now I find myself yearning for those quiet moments that I took for granted before I had children.

Their demands on me sometimes make me cry for those moments. Literally. HA! My quiet moments now seem like stolen moments as I barricade myself in the shower for much longer than I should or force myself to wake up before dawn while the world is still sleeping. Those quiet moments allow me to recharge my mind and in some cases my soul.

In my more and more infrequent quiet moments I set an alarm for ten minutes. Grab my hot cup of tea, my journal, my meditation book and I sit. I sit and let those ten minutes become mine. I don’t have to answer to anyone, but myself. I enjoy the flavor of my tea. I write what I want. I let myself, be.

There have been times that during those moments I get a flash of inspiration or a new goal comes to mind. Sitting in my quiet moments help me to be present, to be a better friend, and a better Mother. I find myself more open to receive and to give the other moments of my time throughout the day.

I wanted to share this with you because there are also times I feel like I’m the only one fighting for a moment to myself. I feel selfish and ungrateful. My moments to myself were fortfieted once I had children, right? How could I–the mother to two very amazing daughters ever want any time just to myself??

Those feelings of solitude in this fight for quiet moments are just as justified as they are wrong. I know that most caregivers feel this way at sometime (or all the time). What I’m learning is that it’s ok to treat yourself to a long shower or to ask a friend to babysit just so you can go read a book (alone and not about baby animals) in peace and quiet. We need those quiet moments to refuel and refill our hearts so that we can be better Mothers and friends.

I would love to hear when you take advantage of your quiet moment and what do you do that refuels your heart?? Share in the comments! 🙂



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