A lil’ bit about us: Reneca and Kalisha

Mommy Lounge is made up of two 30-year-old surrogate sisters, Kalisha and Reneca. Mommy Lounge is a place to learn, laugh and lounge! With tips on all things parenting,crafts,recipes and the daily life of Reneca and Kalisha. We created Mommy Lounge for women to have a place to be open, honest, and true to themselves while learning how to navigate through the crazy journey of motherhood. Becoming a Mom is the opportunity to realize that we are all going through the same ups and downs of parenting. Motherhood is an ongoing journey–come and share yours with us!

If you are new to the “Mommy Club”, Congratulations!! And if you’re on your 5th + kid–Glad it’s you not me! We’ll send you a Patience link just leave your email address! We both know becoming a Mom and handling multiple children is rewarding and difficult. So, jokes aside everybody deserves a pat-on-the-back for the things you do on a daily basis with or for your children because Mothers are the core of a family.

I’m Reneca a stay-at-home Mom with 3 children; Kaleah 9, Kiara 6, and DJ 4 and Jackson 2.  My husband Duan has been by my side for 9 years! Wow!–nine years–count ’em! That’s crazy, I find myself thinking how nine years and four kids later I am truly with the man of my dreams. He is a phenomenal Father, excellent Principal and he makes me happy (this is the most important thing.) We actually are newly weds, as of July 19, 2008. Our relationship is still the same but its going to take some time to get used to my new last name.

Okay, enough about him. I have a B.A. in psychology from the University of Colorado @ Denver, so I tend to over analyze things. I enjoy cooking organic healthy food.  I want to give my kids pure food so that they actually eat the food and not additives, chemicals and pesticides. I love to play volleyball and working out.  I try to live my life for every moment  and am learning to not sweat the small things. We only have one life, right?! Did I mention we are VEGAN?!

I’m Kalisha , now a single working mother to Journey (6) and Faith (5). They are so important to me and are the reason I do what is best for myself on a daily basis. Since having kids my perspective on life and relationships have been going through an evolution. Life B.K. (before kids) and life A.K. (after kids) is like two different worlds. Trying to juggle alone time, dating, family time and work is a learning process. If anyone has a manual–please share!! 😉

We always want to provide information that is important to you! So, if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions for us then you can email us at mommylounge@gmail.com We are always open to comments.

Remember to learn, laugh and lounge!
Kalisha and Reneca

P.S. Spiked coffee and tea is not a crime! 😉


8 Responses

  1. Hello, U two. To say the least, I know both of these Wonderful superstars, One is my lovely daughter Kalisha whom i love very much, and she is a Loving Mother, and the other is like a daughter to me Ms. Reneca, She also is a Loving Mother. These children couldn’t have picked better parents, Love your Blog keep up the good work. It was nice to read and it will be good for young and middle aged women. Love u two, just wanted to say hello. Love Mom

  2. Hi Reneca and Kalisha:

    Right On! Right On!!! I couldn’t agree with Kalisha’s mom, more. You two are to be commended for starting such a positive outlet for Mommies. I hope it grows and moms realize the treasure women have in each other. I look forward to hearing from all the beautiful mommies and babies out there that are doing their very best for their families and seeing the collective wisdom of women being shared back and forth.

    Bon Voyage!!!

  3. hola, do you have a bi-lingual page for us bi-lingual people? anywho, i began reading and it dawned on me…you guys need an editor. I am not very expensive, in fact, i’ll cut you two a deal. If your wondering what I have seen it was this…”So, jokes aside everybody deserves at pat-on-the-back for the things you do on a daily basis with or for your children because Mothers are the core of a family.

    i believe it should say “everybody deserves A pat-on-the-back” how does it feel to be taken to school by a seventeen year old. Thats why they call me papi! Oh by the way i’m loving the blog. Ciao!

  4. Well, hello to you both!

    I am quite impressed with what you both have created here, it’s quite impressive. It’s sometimes so hard to believe that you, Reneca, are a grown woman with a family of your very own. I only say that because I always look at you and see you as my little cuz. But alas, I digress.

    I’ll be sure to come and check both your blogs more often. See you tonight!

  5. Hi Kalisha, thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog:) I put you on my blog list, hope you will add me too. God Bless, Robin

  6. Hey girls, I don’t know if we’ve already talked about this, but I was born and raised in Colorado! Lived in AZ for the past 11 years, but get up to CO several times a year. Do you ever go back?
    Nashville Star was an awesome dream, but now I sing and lead worship at our Church and I’m just as happy. I honestly don’t have the desire to try out again, but I really appreciate your encouragement!

  7. Hey ladies, I think this is an interesting idea for mommies. My name is Becca. I am a friend of Reneca and I am also dating her husbands brother. I am also a single mother of two hyper-active boys. I think that Reneca is a very creative person already so I’m not too surprized to see that she is doing something like this. So just be sure to keep me informed, and I will be sure to check this out more often. But reneca you know we need to get together soon. If we leave it up to these guys we won’t ever see eachother.Lol

  8. I have been reading your blog and spent much longer here than I intended. You’ve got some great stuff here! This is a great spot for moms with young kids–or any moms for that matter.

    Thanks for your blog!

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