W is for Whale

w_zoe  Now let’s work on the letter W. There are so many fun crafts and activities you can do on the letter W, here are just a few.

·         Have fun working on one of these printable W worksheets.        

 ·    Sing a fun songs about the weather

·         Speaking of weather, this is great time to explore the weather more in depth.  Talk about what the weather is like where you are. 

·         Learn, while doing science.

·         Play

Waiter, Waiter

·         Children take turns ordering W foods.

·         Have each child begin with the phrase:

Waiter, Waiter I would like waffles for my dinner tonight.”

·         Have each child choose a different W food to order.

·         Make a list of W foods first, with pictures, if your children have trouble with this game.

·         Here are a few W foods:

Waffles                                                                Wafers

Watermelon                                       Walnuts

Whipping cream                               Wedding cake

Wraps                                                   Watercress

·         Why not play in the water?  (You could even let your kids play out side in a pool, if it’s warm.  If it’s freezing, put their swimsuits on and let them play in the bath tub!)

o    Explore how water helps us, such as; to drink, to cool off, to wash, as a home for fish.

o    Make some water instruments.

o    Experiment with a water wheel.

o    Measure water with measuring cups.


v  For your W page:  Use the Coloring sheet above and cut and paste different animals and foods that start with the letter W.


Stuffed Paper Bag Whale

What you need:

·         Paint- blue or gray (tempera, poster, or acrylic paints all work well)

·         Paper lunch bag

·         Newspaper

·         Blue construction paper

·         Elastic band or masking tape

·         Scotch tape

·         Glue

·         Black Marker

·         Optional: wiggly eyes


·         Stuff paper bag with shredded newspaper, leaving about 3 inches unstuffed.

·         Scrunch the top together and wrap an elastic band or masking tape around to seal.  

o   The stuffed part is the body of the whale.  

o   The end (top of the bag) is the tail.

·         Paint the paper bag, including the tail, a whale color (blue or grey) or even black and white for an orca whale.  You don’t need to paint the bottom of the whale (the tummy).

·         While your bag is drying… Cut out flipper shapes from shapes from the blue construction paper.




·         Cut a rectangle from the blue construction paper and cut slits in it (see the dotted lines below)



·         Roll the piece around a pencil and tape it to make a tube (the spout of the whale)

Once bag is dried

      ·          Scotch tape or glue the flippers  to the paper bag (I usually glue them  to the tummy).  

·         You can poke a hole in the top of the bag with a pencil and squish the bottom of the spout in there and then apply scotch tape as needed.

·         Use a black marker to draw on eyes and a nose (or use wiggly eyes or round stickers).

Whale Piñata:

You can add wrapped candy to the stuffing and then allow the kids to break open their whales with a stick (like a piñata).  Having said that, the kids may grow so attached to their creations that they don’t really have the heart to break them.



Letter X…always a tricky little letter. Nothing rhymes and the poor letter only has a few words to call its own…I could only think of Xylophone!

Letter X is the proud leader of these words:


Xylophone (knew that one!)

Xiphias Gladius (which is short for swordfish!)

Very interesting…Now that we have learned some new X words I would still like to stick with the favorite X word of the day; Xylophone. Here is a perfect craft for us today since it is cloudy, gloomy and rainy. Let’s get crafty!

This craft is from one of my favorite online resources for Preschool Activities and Crafts:

Xylophone Craft

What you need:

  • You can print out the exact template here or
  • Use colored construction paper cutouts
  • Glue
  • Crayons, markers,…glitter (to give it pizazz!)
  • Scissors

What to do:xylophone_craft

  • Follow the instructions on the online template version
  • Use colored construction paper and cut out rectangle “bars” for the xylophone. Oh heck! Just go on and use the template…so much easier!
  • You can let your preschooler cutout their own shapes (with your supervision).

What did you learn?

Color discussion:  Discuss and identify each color bar.  Example:  Hold a color bar and say:   What color is this?  Yes, yellow.  What other things are yellow.  How about the sun or a lemon.  

Shape – The rectangle.  For this activity we can focus on the rectangle shape of each color bar.  Discuss that the color panels are rectangles (two long sides and two short sides).   Have the children find other things around them that are rectangles – a door, a refrigerator, window, area rug or table. 
Alphabet Letter X –  Each color bar displays two letter X’s, discuss and identify the X.  Display the Xylophone poster and say that xylophone starts with the letter X.  Conduct a separate activity for letter X.  During the craft assembly the mallets glued over the assembled xylophone to form an X as illustrated.
Counting & Sizing:  Have the children count and organize the color bar rectangles in size sequence from shortest to longest.  Ask which bar is the shortest?  Which is the longest?
————-This craft is a great one to use for your Letter X page. Since the mallots crossing the Xylophone make the shape of the X.


  • How else should you spend your Letter X day? You could sing songsand pretend to be a Xiphias Gladius (swordfish).
  • Play the X marks the spot game (great for a rainy day inside!)

Talk to your children about how treasure maps show where the treasure is marked with an X. Then give them a treasure map of a room in your house and let them find the treasures. For added effect put a big X made from tape on the spot where the treasure (cookies or cake for snack) is. That sounds like a lot of fun! Journey and Faith love pretending pirates and that pirates ships are after them. We throw “noonies” and cookies at the pirates to get them to leave us alone. We all know how grumpy we get when we’re hungry–we assume the pirates are mean and grumpy because they just want to eat! HA!

  •  A great free-fun idea for X-day is to ask a local physician or dentist for old x-rays to show your child(ren). It would be really interesting to look at other people’s bones and teeth!

Alright…I’m running out of X ideas! If you have any ideas or suggestions we would love to hear from you–especially if you have any more X ideas. Tricky little letter!

 Have a great day!
Reneca and Kalisha



U is for umbrella

u_ernieWe are making our way through the alphabet. Let’s work on the letter U.

• Move around: Crawl “up-side-down”, Put your head “under” your arms, Put your finger “under” your foot, Put your arms “up”, Pretend to ride a unicycle.
• Make yummy up-side down cake
Let your children help you make up lists of some U things.
o A list of things that go Up.
o A list of things that go Under.
o A list of things that are Ugly.
o A list of people who wear Uniforms

• Sing a Unicorn song;
Oh I Wish I Were a Lovely Unicorn
(tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It)
Oh, I wish I were a lovely unicorn.
Oh, I wish I were a lovely unicorn.
I’d frolic and I’d play.
And I’d dream the day away.
Oh, I wish I were a lovely unicorn.
You will need a long tissue box and an empty towel tube for each child for this activity.
• Remove any plastic found around the hole on the top of the tissue box.
• Have children wrap large rubber bands around the box.
• Set out marking pens or stickers for your children to use to decorate their box and towel tube.
• Cut a hole on the top of the box, the size of the towel tube.
• Help your child slip the tube into the box half-way to represent a handle for their ukulele.
Variation: You can also make ukuleles without the handles for your children to play with.

For your U page Print out this U template. Color the Umbrellas. Then cut out pictures that start with the letter U, or animals that live underground.

Now on to the Letter Valphabet_animalandplant_v

  • For a delicious snack gather different kinds of vegetables(tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, corn, carrots, radishes, asparagus, broccoli, etc) and let your child(ren) help wash and prepare for a veggie tray–let them have a taste test!
  • Find big boxes to decorate like different types of transportation…pretend you are using your boxes to be boats, buses, planes, and cars, rockets…take a Vacation using your imagination!
  • Make Vegetable art supplies!

…Use Asparagus for paint brushes

…Use Carrots to make lines

…Use Corn on the Cob for roller painting

…Cut a potato or cucumber in half. Make a design in the middle of it and use it as a stamp

  • To make your Letter V page print out a template here…color or use your Veggie art supplies to decorate your Letter V. Cut it out and paste it to a piece of construction paper. Ta Da! Letter V!
  • You know it wouldn’t be a complete letter day without a song! Here is one that would go well with the Vacation Transportation activity…

Oh We’re Goin’ On a Vacation!

Sung to: She’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain

Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation on the plane (zoom zoom)
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation on the plane (zoom zoom)
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation on the plane (zoom zoom)

Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation on the train (chug a chug)
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation on the train (chug a chug)
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation on the train (chug a chug)

Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation in our car (honk honk)
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation in our car (honk honk)
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation
Oh we’re goin’ on a vacation in our car (honk honk)

include other modes of transportation such as a boat, rocket ship, etc…

S is for Snow…T is for turtle

In many places Snow is beginning to fall and what perfect timing! (Maybe I’m only saying that because I am in warm and Sunny Californ-i-a!)

Here are some suggestions on how to spend your Super S day!

Outdoor play;

  •  If you are one of the lucky ones to be enjoying the snow fall then you can go outside and build snowmen or have snow ball fights.
  • Slide at the park or Spin and twirl (in honor of letter T) to the music

Indoor Play;

  • Paper Snowball fight!

Take newspaper, ball it up and throw it! Split up into teams and make a game to see who can throw the most paper snowballs onto the other side.

Sing one of our childhood favorite songs…On Top of Spaghetti!

On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese
I lost my poor meatball, When somebody sneezed.
It rolled off the table and onto the floor
And then my poor meatball rolled out of the door.
It rolled in the garden and under a bush
And now my poor meatball is nothing but mush.
So next time you eat spaghetti, All covered with cheese
Protect your poor meatball, In case of a sneeze.

  • Find more S songs here
  • More S related games!

Let’s get Crafty!

Q-Tip Snowflake (also you can go here for Paper Snowflake Patterns)

What You Need
  • Q-Tips (or craft sticks)
  • Glue
  • Wax Paper
  • Glitter
What You Do:
  • Give each of your children small circles cut from wax paper. Have them glue on Q-tips in the rough shape of a snowflake with all touching in a middle puddle of glue. Sprinkle glitter onto the snowflake, and then let it dry for a couple of days. When it is dry you can peel it from the paper and you have a wonderful snowflakeNote: You can also use colored paper and let them leave it on the paperNote: Add string before it dries to make the snowflake an ornament.

For your S page: From construction paper cut out a Letter S shape. Use glitter, markers, crayons, etc. to decorate your S like a Snake. Make a Mommy (Uppercase S) Snake and a Baby (lowercase s) Snake! Glue your Snakes to another piece of construction paper.



.  There is so much you can do with the letter T.  As with every letter emphasize its sound, and let your preschooler repeat it after you say it. 


Now on to the letter T

Sing a T song, such as Twinkle, Twinkle, orKiara’s favorite, I’m a little Teapot.

  • If your child is learning to write do one of these writing activities.
  • Make a train
    You’ll need an egg carton and toilet paper tube
    First, cut the egg cartons in-half, lengthwise.
    Then, have your children paint the carton halves black.
    Next, cut off a 2” section of the cardboard tube and have your child paint it red.
     When dry, set the red tube on top of the first cup of the black egg carton to create a black train with a red smoke stack. Attach the two sections of cartons with a paper clip. Write the letter “T” on the smoke stack.

·         Play the TRAIN GAME
 Cut out 2” x 3” paper tickets from four different colors of paper. 
 Pass out the tickets.
 Now, chug around the rood pretending to be a train.
 When you stop, call out “All Aboard the Red Train.” 

 Children must hand you a red ticket to get on the train.
 Chug around some more and then have the children get off.
Continue, chugging around and stopping to call out the name of a different colored train.
Variations: You can give your children one of each color of tickets, so that they get to climb aboard each time, or you can give children different colors of tickets.

·         Let your child see how tall they can build a tower.

·         Sets of TWO – have your children look around your house or classroom and find things that come in sets of two, such as; socks, shoes, salt and pepper shakers   

·         Make a tunnel for your children to crawl through by placing blankets over small tables or the backs of chairs.

·         Have fun moving with T words.

o    Tumble  

o    Toss

o    Tap

o    Tug

o    Tip Toe

o    Twirl

o     Twist  

·         How can you do the letter T without a tea party?   Have fun eating turkey or tuna sandwiches, tomatoes, tomallis, tortillas, or toast.  Don’t forget the Tea (decaf of course)

·       Make Bowl Turtles

Turn a paper bowl upside down and paint green or brown. Let dry. Tear some squares of green and brown paper and glue on bowl to make the turtle’s shell. Cut a head, tail and feet from green or brown construction paper. Glue or staple them on the bowl.

For your T  page:  On a piece of construction paper lightly draw a upper case and lower case T.  Then let your child glue toothpicks over your template.  Paste T pictures or draw things that start with the letter T.

Q is for Queen; R is for Rainbows

letter-q1There are some really fun things to do with the Letter Q!

Encourage your children to ask questions! I know lately Journey’s favorite question is “Why?” and she will ask why until she can’t ask why anymore. I never knew I could run out of answers so quickly! Maybe I need to take this advice and ask more questions myself so that I can have more answers! Whew! Read this article I found and find the strength to answer the “why?” question.

  • Sing some Letter Q songs!
  • A great riddle to help you child remember that after the letter Q always comes the letter U is:
    Q and u are stuck like glue!”


  • Print and color this page…




Felt Quilt

What You Need:
  • Felt
  • Glue
What You Do:
  • Give each of your children a few felt squares in different colors. Let them come up with a design and then glue them into quilt. Pretty easy and toddler and preschoolers love gluing–encourage them to do it on their own (don’t let the OCD come out in you if the squares are not perfectly lined up!)

Queen Crown:

What You Need:
  • Poster Board
  • Glue
  • Paint/Crayons/Markers
  • Glitter
  • Various other Art Supplies (ribbon, beads, other shinny things)
What You Do:

Do you have some old toilet paper rolls laying around and you don’t know what to do with them? I have an idea! Make a Queen…here’s how.

*For your Q page glue either coloring sheet on your piece of construction paper. Add pictures from magazines on online.


letter_rNow, on to the letter R.  The Letter R is a very reliable letter.  It only says rrrr as in rat.  This makes this letter very easy to learn (phonetically). Take time today to go talk about word that start with the letter R, such as: rabbit, rain, rake, ram, ran, rat, red, ring, rip, road, ride, rod, roll rope, rose, rub, run.  With these words make:

  • Flash cards by writing each word on an index card or small squares cut out of construction paper 
  • Play a memory game by writing each word on an index card and also an coordinating picture on another card.  Have you child flip cards face down and try to match the word to its picture.
  • Make an itsy bitsy r book. Kaleah loves to make these little books, especially now that she can read the sentences.
  • Recognize pictures that start with the letter R and trace the letter.
  • Ribbon Dance – Tape ribbon or streamers to a straw, put on some music, and dance.
  • Tell riddles.
  • Have a relay race.
  • Here is a great song to sing with your little ones

                    LETTER R SONG (tune of John, Jacob, Jingleheimer Schmidt)

Rocky R loves to rock and roll
Along with his pet rhino.
For words that start with R
The people will go far!
Words like Rocky and his rhino’s rock and roll

  • Make rainbow stew! 
  • Materials Needed:
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 4 cups water
  • Food Coloring



(Kids, get an adult’s help with this recipe!)

Mix together all ingredients in a sauce pan. Stir constantly and heat until the mixture begins to thicken. Remove from heat and let cool.

Divided the mixture into three bowls. Add a different color of food coloring to each bowl (1-red, 1-blue, 1-yellow). Put approximately three tablespoon of each color into a zip-lock bag. Seal the bag and tape the top closed. Knead the baggie to mix colors just enough to look like a rainbow. Lay bag down on a hard surface and gently press to flatten it. You can hang it in your window when finished.

* Another idea for this activity is to put the mixture in a clear glass jar (You can increase the recipe and add more colors).  If you do this you do not have to mix it in a baggie, just do it in the bowl.  The jar would make a great gift, just tie a pretty bow around the top and tell them to place it on the window seal.



  • Or if you haven’t gotten your child a Rover of their own, have them make pet rocks! All you need are rocks, paint, and glitter (optional). Have your children gather rocks about the size of their fists. Next have them paint the rocks and add faces to make cute pet rocks. (google eyes look pretty cool on the rocks)

*For your letter r page: Print and cut out this letter R template.  Have your child color it like a rainbow and glue it on your R page.  Find pictures in magazines, or online of the many words that begin with the letter R.  OR click and print the Letter R coloring sheet above and glue that to your page. 

*Have a wonderful day! Come back tomorrow, when you want a quick break from cooking, or even your relatives! (LOL!)

Reneca and Kalisha


O is for Oranges; P is for Penguins

Let’s be adventurous and tackle 2 letters this week.  Letter O  and P.

  • Enjoy oranges, orange juice, and oatmeal.
  • Make a fun O tablescape, with Orange craft paper (for table cloth), and anything orange or that starts with the letter O: oranges, pumpkins, squash, an owl or ox stuffed animal,.
  • Print out a short O phonics worksheet
  • Play letter O games

Do you know the Oval Man?  (Tune of: “The Muffin Man”) This is a perfect time to introduce your child to ovals if you haven’t already.

Do you know the oval man,
the oval man,
the oval man?
Do you know the oval man
who likes to sing with me?

Oh, he loves the letter O,
the letter O,
the letter O,
Oh, he loves the letter O
and likes to sing with me.

*For your letter Opage, create this fun craft and paste it to a piece of construction paper. ( Kiara loved this one!)

What you’ll need:tolga

  •  printer
  •  paper (I prefer construction paper or another heavier paper)
  • scissors
  • glue and 
  • crayons, or markers

Let’s get started:

  1. Print out the template of choice. (Color or B/W)
  2. Color pieces if necessary.
  3. Cut out the pieces.  This step may require adult assistance.
  4. Glue the face, earrings and hat onto the head (the letter O). 

If you have a little boy, and don’t want to make Olga, try this Owl craft (great scissor sshapesowlpractice)



On to our 16th letter of the alphabet, Letter P. Yipee!

Letter P Ideas for the day;

  • Have a Picnic at the park! What a perfect way to enjoy your day. I always find that Journey and Faith eat better when we do have picnic lunches. What to eat: PB & J, Pumpkin bread with cheese and fruit slices, Pasta salad, Popcorn (mix with shredded cheese or chocolate chips!) or make individual Pizza’s using english muffins, sauce, and cheese. Cook until cheese is melted!
  • Pasta Kitchen: Set out a few bowls of dry pasta shapes along with different size spoons…let your child pour and mix freely. (I like to just put a towel on the floor and then their table on top so clean-up will be simple).
  • Play Letter P games!
  • Sing Letter P songs!

One of Faith’s favorite P songs is called “Popcorn”…it goes a little something like this!

Popcorn! Popcorn! (bouncing child on your knee)

Put it in the pot! (still more bouncing!)

Shake it! Shake it! (Now lots of shaking!)

Pop…Pop…Pop!  (We do a bounce on each Pop, ending with the biggest bounce on the last Pop!)

—————————-Let’s get Crafty!—————————————- 

I thought it would be fun to use sugar to make the “snow” for a penguin picture. Then I saw this idea and it sounded a little better because then at least the kid’s won’t want to eat the salt off the picture like they would the sugar! Either way; salt or sugar…it’s up to you.


Salt Penguin (Go here for a printable penguin template)

What You Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Markers or Paint
  • Salt
  • glue

What You Do: 

  • Cut out the shape of a penguin. Let the children cover the center (belly) of the penguin in glue and sprinkle salt on it. Add orange construction paper beak and wiggle eyes.

—————Letter P Alphabet Page

You can use your penguin as part of your alphabet page–just glue him down along side a cut out of the block letter P. Decorate your arctic scene with markers and crayons!

*Have a great day with your little prince and/or princess!* 

Check us out tomorrow to see what’s going on in Reneca’s world.

 Reneca and Kalisha

Wordless Wednesday

Daddy and Journey swingin' high!

Daddy and Journey swingin' high!

M is for Monster and N is for Noonies!

We are moving steadily through the alphabet.  Today, lets work on the letter M.  Have your child practice writing/tracing M m. Like always emphasize it’s sound more so than the letter itself.  Here are a few activities you and your child will enjoy doing with the letter M.


click on image and enlarge to color

Letter M snacks:

  • Muffins
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Milk
  • Milk Shakes
  • Marshmallows
  • Mangoes

*Play these Letter M games

*Sing Letter M songs!

Kids will love to play this Mix and Match Fall game. It provides an opportunity to teach about fall.

Have fun creating this Monkey Paper Plate Mask.



Around our house N is for noonies! Noonies is Faith’s way of saying noodles (one of her favorite foods).  No matter what she will always eat noonies; noonies and cheese, noonies with peas, or just plain noonies. Isn’t it kind of fun to say noonies?! I don’t even say noodles anymore I just call them–noonies! Well, we also play a game that the pirates are coming and the only way to keep them away is to feed them…you guessed it! Noonies! Pretty silly, but now on to some other things you can do with the Letter N.

  • You know N is also for noise–go some place not near anyone else and make a lot of NOISE! It’s really fun to be able to let loose and yell and shout (just not in the designated quiet spots; the bank and the post office) Why is it always so quiet in the bank and the post office?
  • Eat some N snacks; Noonies, Nachos (Mmm!), Nuts (if you’re not allergic)…
  • Check out this autumn themed acorn craft! and acorn numbers worksheet.

With Thanksgiving coming up this would be a good chance to discuss different cultures along with the meaning and origin of Thanksgiving with your child. I found some print outs of a Native American girl and boy along with some others.

I know my girls also love to pretend to care for their sick babies and stuffed animals. Letter N day could also focus on the job and importance of Nurses.

For both the Letter M and N alphabet page; Cut out block letters of each and glue to a piece of construction paper.  Find and cut out pictures from magazines or draw pictures around each letter. Allow your child to color each page and talk about the pictures you decide to add with each letter.

As you can see (below) I usually cut out pictures with construction paper or draw them…

Journey and Faith's alphabet pages; A-E

Journey and Faith's alphabet pages; A-E

 I let Faith have a free for all with the Letter G giraffe…



 Journey had me embellish her Lion with Princess attire–even a crown!…

K and L...

K and L...

See you next Wednesday for Letters O and P!

Reneca and Kalisha