Speechless Sunday

Happy Halloween!


I want to believe…

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.” Cinderella

In “Other” Words Tuesday


This weekend Journey and I rented the movie Enchanted and watched it like 4 times! It was such an adorable and happy movie. Ever since last Thursday Journey has only wanted to wear something “dress-up” with her ballet slippers and princess crown. Yesterday we had a meltdown diva moment when she wanted to change into her “pink one” on our way to the park. At times it has driven me a little crazy because it is dang near impossible for her to go potty on her own with her “dress-up” on and that dang crown never stays where she wants it so she is always crying for me to “fix it, please!” But needless to say I enjoy seeing her make-believe. It gives me encouragement to see the beauty and love in life. In the movie Enchanted they refer to our world as the place of no happily ever afters. The princess comes into our world and sees the bitterness, discrouragement and lack of love that people here have for each other. The princess always finds joy in simple things, shows her love unconditionally and always believes in happiness (happily ever after).

CrabbyMommy at MommyRage had talked about how fairytales are a little too grim and sad. Too sad for her daughter to understand. There are always two sides though. “Bad things” do happen, but it is how we handle them and our attitude on life that affects the outcome. Ever princess in a fairytale always shows her love, is never discouraged and knows in her heart that happiness awaits her. They live truly romantic lives and whose to say that we can’t live that way just because we aren’t little cartoon girls with long flowing hair? I believe fairytales should be believed in. If we all lived our lives like the princesses do in fairytales we would have joy, love more and be living our own happily ever after fairytale life.

I want to believe in fairytales because in a world now filled with growing uncertainty, bitterness and greed there has to be a place that can rise above it all. People don’t have to be unhappy–we were made to love each other and enjoy life at its simpliest form.

I want to believe…